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Well, apparently Snowwy's out of the Shadake game for the forseeable future, because his job has him working Friday nights. So, we retconned it to have him run through the portal after the enemies after all, potentially never to be seen again.

In other news, the session was kind of boring, because while I spent time thinking about the nature of the places they were going, I forgot to have something actually interesting happen.

It didn't take long for them to figure out how to turn on the portal and key in the code in the control room in the smaller building, so they managed to gate out before the local cops (who'd seen the flashes from the various energy weapons from their station across the street) got to them. The trip was bumpy, since most of it wasn't powered, but the receiving gate opened at the right time to spit them out into some bushes.

They found themselves in an overgrown, mostly destroyed ancient city. The gate itself looked more like a rat's nest or a spiderweb made of wires -- Zedd remarked that it looked like it'd been mostly disassembled. Their obelisks they'd gotten from the Enron corporation were dark, so it wasn't clear how they'd power the gate even if it was possible to power it.

There was a trail of blue ribbons left for them, but it was old, and led only to an empty campsite where someone had pulled a boat out of the water on the edge of the river. Since that person was no longer there, they followed the river downstream, around a lake, to a tall, strange-looking building -- one of many that stuck up above the jungle-like tree cover, but the only really weird looking one -- and teleported up to its observation deck to get the lay of the land.

The main items of interest were a glowing, city-like area of the jungle to the west, a giant (40 story) tree growing visibly on a cliffside to the northwest, and the wall of mist obscuring the western horizon.

Before they could decide where to go first, they were greeted by a delegation of 'hunters' -- cat people who looked an awful lot like Zedd and seemed to have the same powers. They teleported the group into the city to speak to the rabbit-like priestesses, who were interested in Den, perhaps in making copies, since they managed human reproduction in lieu of actual rabbits like most places used. Oh, Alex and Jenna were taken to a hospital for treatment, instead.

The priestesses said they could be guests of the city, and people would give them a place to stay and food and stuff for free because it was 'good karma'. They also mentioned that they weren't the first visitors -- the tree up on the cliffs was where the last delegation was living since they'd staggered out of Kantrigar's territory heavily damaged.

So after a short shopping trip, in which the party discarded their corn armor and replaced it with ordinary civilian clothing, they decided to sneak up on the giant tree and see what was up. Unfortunately, they were spotted, tracked, and ambushed by a trio of elder gods, who kicked their butts six ways from sunday and put Den in the hospital.

The city guards (the hunters mostly) were surprised at the reports of elder gods, and went out to hunt them down, since there weren't supposed to be any in the reclamation zone. And while they weren't ready to trust the party's word that the carnival had sent them, they did put a fox on the job investigating the situation.

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Murdock also gave me the files for 'FLYFF', a badly translated and simplistic MMORPG, tht does have the same addictive qualities of all of that ilk. It crashed a lot, but I eventually managed to get it running. It looks like you have to grind until level 15 before you can do anything interesting, although they don't tell you that -- they just keep telling you 'come back later to choose a class'. I'm guessing 15 because that's when the lowest-levelled items for those classes show up.

I also went to see 'Lady in the Water', which sucked really, really badly. My god, what an awful movie -- I haven't cringed so much since The Postman, although it was NOWHERE near as bad as the The Postman. Just the section in the middle? Near the end? Where they're all beleivers and acting like fucking idiots made me want to die.
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