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Mutants and Scrappers

Apparently, no one else could come in under 150 points for the Mutants and Masterminds characters, so we're being given five bonus points to spend as we wish. I think I'll only spend one or two of them on 'alternate power' feats.

Tom sent an email around noon on Sunday inviting people over to his house. Only he only sent it to my work email, so I didn't see it until Monday. Not that I checked email in the middle of the day anyway -- I was out getting comics, and then I went on City of Heroes.

CoH, been playing my old dark/dark scrapper 'Risky Raven'. They fixed the dark armor painful sound from hell problem, which was the reason I'd stopped playing him earlier. I finally (last night) got him up to level 17 and DOs, so maybe he'll stop struggling as much... although really he's been doing okay on heroic, mostly.

FLYFF is soooo boring and repetitive... no real MMO has anything to fear from the freebies if this is the best they can manage.

Work is a bit frustrating. But I can't go into detail without violating my NDA.

TV is also being a little frustrating -- I know that new episodes of Lost, Dead Like Me (or at least, a 3rd season that I didn't know existed), Xaiolin Showdown, Venture Brothers, Doctor Who, and Inu Yasha are coming up, but they don't seem to be coming on the normal schedule I'd expect and where the heck are they anyway? Inu Yasha especially was stable for a long, long time until it suddenly started showing repeats. Argh.

And last night, walking home from work, I had a sudden craving for vegetables. I'd eaten a lot of veggies over the weekend (because the chicken I bought turned out to be rancid or something and had to be thrown out, so it was canned veggies for dinner) but I wanted MORE. Specifically, SOUP. So I got some soup. And for some reason, some hot pockets. I don't know why I got the hot pockets. I don't know why I cooked the hot pockets when I wasn't hungry. I don't know why I ate them. I think I must just hate myself and wish for death, or something.


The soup was good, though.
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