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Running With the Ball

So, we finished up Tom's campaign yesterday, with a sort-of-climactic sort-of-battle. Really, the climactic battle was last session, and this was cleanup.

After using the glowing skull he'd assembled (he'd had one part already, and took the other part from the lich) to burn up the huge pit of bones with lava, Samuel the dragon (they never learned his real name) teleported the party to the arena in the middle of the dome so he'd have a nice wide area to stretch his wings and monologue.

His monologue was interrupted by the attack of a giant shrieking multi-headed abberation. Actually, that's not quite right -- he went right on monologing, but no one was listening because everyone *else* was fighting off the hydra (mostly, Zanzibar was using repeated applications of chilling tentacles to grapple one head or other and keep it from getting close enough to bite or shriek). Eventually, Samuel got annoyed at this and used a weird spell ('Giblet Singularity') to blow the hydra to tiny bits.

Of course, the tiny bits started regenerating into half a dozen hydras... and the damn lich appeared again.

Regardless, some of his monologue came through -- he'd planted 'a seed of his spirit' in Samuel, along with many other adventurers, figuring one of them would find *something* interesting eventually. At some point, after seeing the skull and whatnot, and after Samuel had been repeatedly killed, he'd managed to actually take over, and although samuel was still in there somewhere, he was in control now.

"So you have a choice, join me and help me kill the lich, or die and your animated corpses will help me."

But by that point the lich was attacking. It cast a spell that should have killed Rhiannon, but her guardian angel appeared and was shredded in her place... and she knew that she could take the oath of the death angels (to save X number of people per time period, even at the cost of your own life, yada yada), and gain power to fight the lich. So she did.

The party and the dragon killed the lich a couple more times, while fighting off the additional hydras, but he kept coming back. "Can't we imprison him somewhere?" Rainna asked. "What about in that big evil cube we've been carrying around and not using?"

"Good idea!" the dragon said, opening the portable hole. But before he could use the cube, Zanzibar flew in and glommed himself over it... and an intelligent sword they'd captured from a treasure room earlier flew out and presented itself to Raiina, offering another option -- he would kill the evil dragon, his special purpose, and then the lich as well.

With Zanzibar on the cube, the dragon instead turned to the lich, unable (or at least unwilling) to actually attack someone else enslaved to the cube. When Rainna ran up to kill him with the sword, he dodged her attack and then disarmed her... but that left him open to Rhiannon's charge, which sundered the skull, breaking it back into its constituent parts, which flew across the arena.

Rhiannon and Morgan were quick to pick up the halves of the skull, while Zanzibar 'stored' the lich inside the cube, and then failed to dominate the dragon with it.

But the dragon now had possession only of the dragon-slaying sword, which kept zapping him, and not the other two hideously powerful artifacts which he could actually use. Also, the party had proven much more dangerous in combat against the hydra and lich than he'd planned on... so he ran away.

Rhiannon and Morgan recombined the skull, and used it to replace the 'things can enter but not leave' dome with 'only the party not including samuel can leave'. Since they took the skull out with them, though, the dome only stayed up for a few days, but that was plenty of time to wind-walk back to the temple of Lethander and work on destroying the skull.

So, with the lich imprisoned and the skull destroyed, the adventure was over, and everyone went their separate ways -- Rhiannon to her duty as a death angel, the others presumably to more adventuring. Zanzibar, of course, absconded with the cube to start a chaotic good undead death cult, possibly with the help of an evil dragon.

last session | next session, different campaign

The next game we're planning on is Mutants and Masterminds GM'd by Eric. I'm playing a ninja housecat, Michelle's playing Inu Yasha, Tom's going to play Kenshin, Ed's a human-form replicator from SG1, and... er... damn, what's his name? I know his name... anyway, he's playing Charlie from Charlie's Angels (the Angels are his sidekicks, and most of his combat capability).
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