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I finally got around to sending in my estimated tax vouchers for the year... or rather, to wrestling with the stupid tax program until it gave a reasonable estimate for the amount of estimated taxes owed. This means I'm almost five months late for one of the payments, but that's still a lot less penalties (like, $50 instead of $400) than if I didn't pay them at all. And maybe I won't owe any at all.

In CoH, after levelling Ferret Shock up to 15, I switched to some of my higher level characters -- Siren of the Deep and K'Teri. Got them about a level each...

Mass Confusion is a nice power. It lasts longer than Total Dom, affects a wider area, and has the same recharge -- which is exactly twice the recharge of Power Boost. That means Siren can alternate PB+Total Dom with PB+Mass Confusion and get an awful lot of hard, area control. Mass Confusion is also a lot easier to see working, because the enemies get purple bubbles instead of a nearly invisible spinny-halo graphic.

K'Teri is powerful and fragile. This is a change -- she didn't used to be so fragile. But at higher levels enemies hit a lot harder and controllers don't get much tougher. Level 36 just gave her a few more slots (which went into choking cloud, but are still empty because 37 is the next level to buy SOs)... at level 37 I was thinking of using yet another freespec to ditch Quicksand for Radiation Infection and Air Superiority for Flurry, but I got enough use out of the -fly from AS and the -def from Quicksand (although you have to stack it to make it worthwhile) that I think I might just save the freespec in case I really hate some other power I take later on.

Also, SOOO MUCH CIRCLE OF THORNS! K'Teri's last three contacts have had nothing but CoT, one of them has her in the middle of an arc where you repeatedly fight a CoT AV, and the newest contact has her fighting Rikti... to save the Circle of Thorns from them?! WTF?! Needless to say, saving the circle of thorns from the Rikti involves fighting CoT.

But at any rate, with both characters, I've had some really good luck with pick up groups -- getting invited to them without having to start them myself, and having the people in them be reasonably competent, both. There've been clowns, and team wipes, and complainers, but not in a high enough volume to matter.

With K'Teri in particular, I was on one team of 8 that had another /rad controller (fire/rad) and another earth/ controller (earth/kin). Soooo much buffing... the fire monkeys were on so much crack.

I'm not jealous, though -- during one mission I was soloing, my Stoney solo'd (as in, tanked and KILLED) an entire portal worth of Rikti and the portal itself, while I was busy with the rest of the group (been playing on Unyielding, which is +1-+2 and lots of enemies). Of course, he then wandered off, aggro'd the mission's boss, and forced me to run for my life, but that's what pets do.

So I've been having fun, even when I'm not on Infinity with the Pent* teams. On the other hand, if I was one of the whiny people who hates pick up groups, I'd probably be able to find something to whine about.
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