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City of Heroes

Ferret Shock got in a couple of insanely good (for him) pick-up groups yesterday, and went from 16 to 19 in about five hours. You level up really fast in a team of 8 fighting +5s. Especially if they're only +5s to you, and are +2-+3 to most of the group.

There was a regen scrapper who'd put off integration and focus so that she could take stamina as early as possible, at 20. Now, I'm doing sort of the same thing (I put off cobra strike and buildup) but I didn't get to take quick recovery (the better version of stamina) at 4 like she did. And losing integration was really hurting her -- she was falling down and getting held a lot, since we were fighting mostly tsoo.

Eventually I got a bit tired of playing scrapper scrapper scrapper... I messed around with some printed out copies of the free demo decks of the COH CCG, and it seems like it might be kind of interesting. Although regen scrappers have a huge advantage because they get quick recovery right from the start, whereas everyone else has to wait for NEVER because stamina isn't in the card game. Also, trick arrow is weak. Except that it gets the best hold in the game -- much better than any of the four holds from mind control in tricksie's deck.

When I got back on, I decided to make a force field defender. The original plan was to make 'sparrow' with ff/archery, but I decided that I had enough archers, and went ff/dark instead. Hitting random until I saw something cool ended up with a subtly alien-faced, shaggy-haired, furry-chested pink girl wearing what would be a revealing vest and ordinary pants. I changed the stupid-looking boots to folded metal, and the chest symbol to a bird instead of a bomb, and her skin color to white instead of flesh to make her look a bit more alien, and Dawnshadow was born!

I'll have to put a picture up at some point. I mean, I've done it for every other character, so it'd be silly to stop now. I deleted Li Chen (archery/energy blaster) because I was running out of room on Infinity and I hated her... should I take her picture down?

Haven't been able to find a team with Dawnshadow yet, though, so I had to settle for bubbling people at a weird RP a frustrated level 50 ran in Atlas Park. "Pledge your loyalty to Torn under the statue of Torn and I'll give you 100k!" Surprisingly, everyone who came buy to get paid stuck around to hear his speech, persecute some traitors, and... er... get 'trapped in my bubbles! Now you must serve me forever!" Unfortunately, they wore off four minutes later.
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