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Reboots and Disgaea

Okay, I found out how to get rid of old subpoenas by looking on the gamefaqs messageboards, although it should have been obvious -- you give them as bribes to senators in the dark assembly.

Thus reassured that I wouldn't be clogging up my warehouse, I decided to go ahead and pick up another subpoena... this one had the bailiff on the 22nd floor. I haven't finished it yet, and after the first set of ten floors my front-line fighters finally had the mana to reincarnate into warriors... and then they were level 1, and I decided it was probably a good idea to take on the relatively easy story missions before going back into item world.

I was playing Disgaea 2 last night because of the STUPID STUPID virus scanner. It kept whining about the limited-time license needing to be renewed, so I bought a 3-year renewal to hopefully put off the whining for as long as possible, and for some reason it needed me to download and install a 65 megabyte executable... which (around midnight when that finished) turned out to be the new version of the program.

Of course that meant uninstalling the old version and rebooting and installing the new version and rebooting, then re-downloading 22 megs of friggin' pattern files. I didn't get to sleep until 2am, just after noticing that it apparently hadn't actually extended my license, which was still expiring on 9/7/2006.

Although there was something in there about it taking 24 hours for the license extension to kick in, so I'm not going to get angry about it yet.
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