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Order and Chaos

Okay, a while ago there was this big story I was writing that I didn't let anyone see... and I'm sort of glad I didn't, because after a while I realized that I'd written myself into a hole because of all the stupid things I'd hand-waved as 'explainable somehow'. Usually in a monologue by one of the characters.

But I like the basic idea behind the universe, so I've been working on redoing it from first principles and trying to come up with a more reasonable setting and conflict for the basic story. So my mind's all spinny with chaos and order and spirit and time and space and life and matter and energy and magic, and while I'm a lot happier with the basic shape of the world, I haven't been thinking about other things that I should be devoting at least a little time to, like, oh, the game I'm supposed to run on Friday.

Damn it.

Anyway, yeah, at some point I'm going to have to basically start the story over, and rewrite it according to the new cosmology. Or write a different story entirely, perhaps.
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