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Hate being grounded

Had a session of my Shadake game last night. I didn't have much prepared because I had no idea what they were going to do. As it turned out, they decided to go back to the oracle. In the process, they also ran into some old friends.

The party eventually fell asleep in Easter's meadow, and were woken up by Den's father breaking down the door of Den's room, after hearing intruders moving around. Den pulled a gun on him without thinking, but they both put their weapons away without violence.

Den's parents were a little angry at him for running off, but Den was able to demonstrate some improvement in his blacksmithing technique that mollified him a bit.

The town was recovering from all the excitement... all the sherriff's toadies had been ousted from power by a practical and isolationist carpenter named Mary, who'd released his prisoners (the ones who'd been re-caught, at least) and was in the process of rebuilding the town and expelling the hangers-on from Beantown.

There was a Church of 'Christ' being built in the town, and manned by a pair of missionaries, but Seek's army wasn't anywhere nearby.

While Zedd and Bella met with the village elders to report on their journey, Den went off to play with the other children, and his guns. This did not end well, although 'all of you are grounded for a MONTH!' was probably better than he deserved for giving one of the other kids a loaded laser pistol.

So Den had to be spirited away in the middle of the night, by Zedd's teleportation of course. He was too tired to travel, having been chained to the forge all day, so Bella built an instant cabin in the woods to hide from squirrels, and they rested the night before teleporting the rest of the way to the oracle.

They arrived around noon, to find the oracle's mountain occupied... by Seek's army. There were patrols near the place where the portal would open that night, but they were able to hide out of sight in a very large, dense bush that Bella made. This let them be the first through the portal when it did open, although they had to distract and teleport away some guards.

They asked the Oracle about whether Bella was 'the chosen one', and got back evasive answers -- yes, she'd been chosen, but by whom and for what? They asked whether the mistwall was the end of the world, and got back, basically, 'it wants to be'. They asked how to 'bring about the downfall of the web', and were told to betray their friends, help their enemies, frustrate their enemy's enemies, wake the sleepers, and bring about the end of the world. They asked how they could get the stuff they needed to do all that, and were told an absent friend was the key.

And Den asked what advice would save his life if he had to face the Web, and was told 'Thou Shalt Not Kill'. He was okay with the betrayal and world-ending, but being told not to kill really bothered him.

On their way out, they ran into a group of soldiers on their way in, to ask some seemingly nonsensical questions for Seek... and the soldiers recognized them, of course, as the holy ones who'd grown an instant crop to let the army leave right away, and sent them on their way with thanks.

The soldiers outside, that they'd messed around with, weren't as happy to see them, but when they were dragged back to the camp to be locked up, they ended up being sent to confer with Seek instead. Bella got some angry looks from a few soldiers who were former denizens of the Oracle's village, but none of them did or said anything against them.

Seek looked gaunt and tired. He explained that he had made the villagers here his priests, since they knew how to interpret the oracle's otherwise somewhat cryptic responses, and was in the process of asking lots of questions so that he could fake omniscience later on. Also, to find a route through the mountains back to Portland, since most of the old roads had been overgrown and lost.

After some brainstorming -- Den wanted to march the army up to Spokane and use the gate there -- they decided to have Bella grow an instant hydrogen-chambered airship to carry the army through the air. Air travel was usually suicidal, due to unpredictable storms, but the oracle's villagers had an uncanny skill with talking to animals, and would surely be able to convince the birds to give them good weather and favorable winds.

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...after the game, I stayed up until all hours of the night playing Disgaea 2. I don't know why.
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