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The Case of the Vanishing Vagabonds

We had the first session of Eric's Mutants and Masterminds game. We missed some key points (like 'these guys are all minions') that made the first combat go on forever, and had some arguments about the use of 'obscure'.

The party is a group of heroes whose mentor, for one reason or other, is Dr. Arcane, a wheelchair-bound 'mystical mystic' whose taken as his task the defense of a run-down district of Freedom City, plagued by the Hellion gang as well as other occult disasters.

The roster:
The Tick, a nigh-invulnerable, trash-talking tank.
John Doe, a set of nanite-based, regenerating, self-propelled armor escaped from the military.
Shadow, a size-changing ninja housecat with emotion control and teleportation.
Yashi, a half-dog-demon from another time with a magic sword and a really bad attitude.
Morgan the Gray, a less wheelchair-bound wizard who actually goes with the group on missions.
Charlie, who never leaves his van. His emotion control powers are mostly used to secure the services of his 'Angels', a trio of highly skilled super-spies.

Their newest mission was to investigate the mysterious disappearances rumored to be plaguing the homeless community, so to speak. They split up to gather clues, and Charlie managed to get the address of a warehouse where the disappearances had happened. Yashi visited the homeless shelter to get the scent of the man whose buddy had vanished, and then they search the warehouse at the named address to find where he slept, and thus where his buddy had vanished from.

From there, they followed his tail -- it looked like he'd just gotten up of his own volition and walked out the back door. Before they could follow it further, there was an explosion! The Tick and Morgan, surveilling from a rooftop, filled in the party via commlink -- Hellions were robbing a convenience store, one block over!

So they rushed to put a stop to the caper. Shadow was the first to arrive, appearing in the middle of the street and roaring to try to scare the gangsters away. It worked on about half of the ones he could see... but for his trouble, he got set on fire by a flamethrower from one he hadn't seen. Luckily, he wasn't badly hurt, but that used up one of his five remaining lives.

A sniper took a shot at the tick (uselessly), John disintegrated the flamethrower (causing a massive explosion that endangered the party and nearby civilians but not the bad guys), and then Dr. Arcane teleported into the middle of the scene and put up a quarter-mile field of darkness that only affected the hellions. That essentially ended the battle, since the gangers had no way of dealing with that, but it went on for about thirty seconds more before the enemies were actually rendered unconscious.

After the cops showed up to take the hellions who hadn't run for it into custody, the party got back to their actual mission. They tracked the missing homeless person into the sewers, where the trail ended. John, who could fly and process visual information ludicrously fast, was able to quickly search all nearby sewer passages, though, and managed to find a footprint that seemed to match 200 yards to the south, so they picked up the trail again.

The trail led to a ladder up into another abandoned building, where the Tick was possessed and started beating on John, who hid inside a wall, and Yashi, who of course hit back. Shadow looked on, confused, but Morgan realized with his magic sight that this was a case of ghostly possession, and dispelled it, forcing the ghost out into the open, where it got wind-scarred and shadow-clawwed, and was eventually forced to turn invisible and flee.

There didn't seem to be anything really of interest in the building -- which was an old church -- but opening the one door that wasn't barred and boarded shut showed a straight-shot up to the graveyard. Yashi managed to catch the scent trail of the person they'd been following, and led them up to a mausoleum. Meanwhile, John searched all the graves in the cemetary, and was surprised to find that 25% of them were empty! He sent the list of names to Charlie to check whether they'd been legitimately dug up... um, no, they hadn't.

Something was up in the graveyard, and it smelled like necromancy.

last session, different campaign | next session
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