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So, in City of Heroes I've been playing Flamekin, trying to get him up to fire-imps. Sunday, I formed a pick up group from people yelling for a group in Talos, and we were doing well until we got to the end of the Will of the Earth arc, where the Will of the Earth crystals lagged us into ineffectiveness. And also confused us as to how exactly they worked, leading to several (four?) team wipes during the two missions and eight crystals before we were finally done with that... I ended up still a bubble from 30, and in debt up to my ears, and as the story arc was done I decided to call it a night.

The next night I got in a task force, doing Hess, which was silly -- I speed boosted people, and then struggled to target an enemy and drain power off it before it was killed. The enemies were mostly level 29, while almost everyone in the group (including me, after a while) was 30 or autoexemped down to 30. There were four missions in particular that were *one room*, and were completed before I finished zoning in. The only deaths were when half the group failed to notice the big 'WARNING: 30 seconds to self destruct!' and got killed when the mountain exploded.

I've also been playing Disgaea 2, usually after I get sick of city of heroes for the night. My group of level 20ish characters took out the level 100 Friday Mk II to unlock the dark world, but I haven't actually played any of the dark missions yet. Mostly, I'm alternating between item world (I've started moving the baliffs from subpoenas into other items that I want to level up, like imperial seals) and the story missions.

So, that's games.

Today, someone called a meeting for me to explain a feature to them at 10am. I thought it was kind of odd to do it in a meeting room instead of in somebody's office... and 10am is usually right when I get in. Today, though, I was running a little late... I woke up exhausted (it seems to be random, depending on what phase of sleep I was in when the alarm went off), had to pay some bills and fill out an absentee ballot for the completely uninteresting primary election, and then noticed that my left rear tire was almost flat and had a huge chunk missing, so I needed to give it some air.

But I was able to make it on time by skipping my morning walk until after the meeting. Which was pretty useless. Urghl. While walking, I got the 'Upside Down' by Barenaked ladies stuck in my head, in particular the bridge:

So if I set a genie free,
and by the laws of things like that he's indebted to me
I'll bury my three wishes deep down in the ground,
so I will not turn my whole life upside down.

Of course, this led to 'what *would* I wish for?' and then 'and how would the genie grant them?' Yes, I ended up the genie's slave for all eternity. As far as I can tell, that always happens.
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