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Descent into Madness

Last night I played Flamekin again, and this time I managed to catch a few members of crossroads online, and did a mission with them before they all went to bed. It looks like they basically break to go eat dinner about the same time I get home from work. Joy. x.x

I hate dinner. It causes nothing but trouble -- I get all the food I need for the day during lunch, but then 6 or 7 rolls around and people want to eat *again*! What's up with that?

Anyway, afterwards I got invited to team with a level 50 stone armor tank, who'd respecced out of all his other shields when he got granite armor. Granite armor is better protection, most of the time, that the other shields, and can't be used with them, but there are two serious flaws with that sort of respec. First, granite armor makes you nearly immobile -- without speed boost or something similar, you just can't move. Second, it has no protection at all against psionics, while the normal stone armor suite has minerals, and around the time you get granite armor psionics start to become popular among enemies.

So, basically, his respec left him addicted to kinetics -- which is fine, flamekin is /kin -- and unable to effectively tank carnies -- which is bad since we were fighting carnies.

That mission kind of sucked, in the 'this mission is a little too hard for our team, but at least we're making progress' kind of way. The next mission we did was against malta, and with the addition of an illusion controller and another blaster, we were rocking. Well, until I accidentally ran into a lurking group of enemies trying to catch up with someone to speed boost them, not realizing that they were scouting ahead with stealth. The battle still went fine -- I stunned them for a few seconds, then the blasters and the other controller came in and took them apart -- but the tank was last to the party and went apeshit. 'NO PETS!' he proclaimed, apparently under the impression that pets had started the fight.

Everyone except for him noticed that the other controller started soloing in parallel with our group from then on. She wasn't as fast as the entire rest of the team at first, but as the tank started layering on more and more conditions... as in, there was a kinetics defender who joined us at some point, replacing a force field defender who'd left. He'd run in, fulcrum shift, set off some AoEs, then run back out -- you know, standard stuff. But the tank was FURIOUS that he did it before he said 'go'.

"Are you EVER going to say go?" said kineticist asked, three groups later. The tank had never, ever, across three different missions, said go. "I'm saying it in tells," he explained. Apparently, he only wanted one person to 'go' at a time -- a blaster, to nuke. Without the benefit of fulcrum shift, since the kineticist was not informed.

By now, after having 'no mind control powers' added to the list of stipulations in addition to 'no pets' (apparently, he noticed her soloing), the other controller had given up and left the group. Me and the ex-fulcrum-shifter were standing around speed-boosting people and waiting for tank to (never) say 'go'. Four groups in a row, one of the four blasters ran in at the tank's prompting, set off a nuke which failed to kill the enemies, and died as the tank failed to hold aggro. Progress slowed to a crawl, although we were still making some.

So, basically, people started 'accidentally' aggroing additional groups to get things moving, and we finished off the mission, then me and the kinetics defender quit. I hope Mr. Bossy had fun without speed boost. He might have -- he did have teleport as a backup.

Note to pick up groups -- people playing kinetics want things to go fast. It's why they took kinetics!

After that group, I went to Icon and designed a 'civilian' costume for Flamekin, replacing the ugliest (aka the original) of his three nearly identical costumes.

Most of the night I was using his new costume:

There's also some actual in-game screenshots up in the gallery, before those two, that I uploaded earlier.
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