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On the way home from work last night, I had the sudden urge to go into the grocery store and buy a huge amount of food. I managed to resist it somewhat, and restrict myself to the produce isle -- there's only so doomed you can get eating apples and radishes.

Then I spent all night playing CoV, levelling up a new ice/fire dominator 'Chili Powder', supposed to be Cinnamon's brother. Cinnamon's a fire/ice blaster, and the powers line up -- firey assault has a lot of key fire blast powers (like fire blast, breath of fire, and blaze), and ice domination has a lot of beefed up ice support powers (like ice slick for ice patch and block of ice for freezing touch).

The worst thing about firey assault so far is being forced to take flares. Flares is such a useless waste of a power, it's not getting any slots, ever, and it's going to be dropped from my attack chain as soon as I get fire blast. At 24. *cry*

I could push it up to 12 instead of 24 if I put off stamina until 22... but then I wouldn't be able to slot it, so it would be useless until about, let's say, 24. Damn it.
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