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Absentee Landlord?

As I think I mentioned before, my apartment building changed hands *again* last week. Since then, I've been trying to find out how much I'm supposed to pay in utilities this month, since usually they post a bill on the door by now. Every time I swing by the office, though, it's dark and 'closed'. Well, a couple times the lights were on, but it was still 'closed' and locked. This is getting annoying, since the rent is due tomorrow and I don't know how much to pay.

In unrelated news, the 'public folders' at work are going away, and being replaced by sharepoint sites. God, I hate sharepoint. Supposedly, there's a way to integrate it into Outlook so that it keeps looking like a public folder, but not into the version of Outlook I'm using. So I'll have to upgrade, I guess.

I unlocked the Cave of Ordeals in Disgaea 2 at Sandy's suggestion... and wow, it's really made for powergamers. The first map, anyway. One playthrough (which takes like five minutes) can take 4 or more characters from level 1 to level 30. Which is nice, because the reincarnation mechanism in that game keeps setting them back to level 1. }:)

I also did 'return of the prism rangers' and stole their feather token. I love feather tokens... and dark roasires, devil rings, and (levelled) imperial seals...
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