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Last night I went insane and bought a huge amount of food for no reason. Luckily, it was pretty late, so I didn't have a chance to eat much of it... this morning I came to my senses and threw the rest away. Well, except for a can of peaches. Peaches are cool.

It looks like the cartoon network stopped showing Xiaolin Showdown. Therefore, they suck and I never liked them. WHYYYY! Okay, okay, they still have Venture Brothers and Naruto and that metal-thingie show and robot chicken and fosters and pokemon (like, 3 version of pokemon) and repeats of a bunch of other stuff I've seen too many times to bother recording.

Lost and Battlestar Galactica are coming back this week. FINALLY. Technically, they came back last week, but with repeats and recap episodes.

I bought Okami and Valkyrie Profile 2, but haven't played them yet, since I'm still playing Disgaea 2. And city of heroes. In COH I got Lini up to 27 and respecced... pretty much into the same build as before, only with Aim instead of Aimed Shot, which was redundant with mostly-perma-hasten. Aim helps a lot, but archery's aim has a really long animation. Ugh. x.x

So it's a respec build (meaning, not as efficient at low levels) but ironically on a *team* it'll be better, since I have fistful at 2 instead of 22.

The comic shop finally got Omaha the Cat Dancer volume 3 in, and I realized that I didn't have 2 either. *sigh* It's basically a soap opera (with sex scenes), so you kind of want to have the whole story...
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