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My eyes are dim, I cannot see...

Sometimes I feel too lazy to focus my vision, so everything kind of blurs out. Meh.

Last night I had fun playing my new radiation/sonic defender ('Timpani')... my policy is to accept all blind SG invites, and she seems to have been randomly invited to a pretty good one. I went with them on a Cavern of Transcendance trial, and we finished it easily with about an hour to spare. Out of the hour and a half they give you.

Afterwards I got on an unrelated team, did a couple missions, and then my connection froze up and I was kicked off the game and couldn't reconnect. So I went to watch TV instead. Lost was neat, especially the beginning, and Drawn Together was actually funny, unlike most of season 2.

Then I tried to plan for tonight's game, and failed miserably. Around midnight, when I realized that all I'd managed was a doodle of a rot grub with giant eyelashes, I decided to give up and play Okami instead.

And then I tossed and turned in bed for an hour for some reason, which is unusual.
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