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Let's call it a draw.

Had a session of the Shadake game I was running last Friday. The party got uncaptured, ran away, and ended up back in one of the various more or less safe towns where things *could* happen but don't really have any particular reason to. Again.

Since I didn't see any reason that we'd get to any better stopping place than that, I decided to call the game on account of a serious lack of a point. Lazar'd been hinting he was ready to start running the game again, anyway.

"You brought them here?! Are you crazy?"

"Don't worry, they're drugged unconscious. And it's not like we can hold them in Portland, we don't have the authority."

"Well, let me see them then."

So the party, who'd gotten un-drugged by the un-druggable Bella, jumped the people who came in to check on them, and hooked them up to the IVs. They also had to fight off Grey, who'd been brought in to check whether he was really under control, and had attacked in response to the guard's panicked 'help!'... which let them finally rescue him, by skewering the mosquito controlling his mind. It tried to take over Den... but Bella shot it, and splatted it against the wall.

Unfortunately, the absence of the compound's leader and the captain of the guard was noticed, and the cats and creepy silent cat people were sent out after them, while a teleport-redirection field went up. For a while, Zedd had a teleport-away duel with the cats running the field, where he'd send away all the nearby guards and the cats would send them back, and so on. Grey was able to take control of all the small cats patrolling the halls, and Bella entangled the guards Zedd didn't teleport, and eventually they got away, on foot.

Once they left the area of the teleport-redirect field, they quickly zipped along the road to London, where the police had been alerted to watch out for them. Den distracted the police by psychically implanting the illusion that a hapless civilian picked at random was actually him, and the cops ran off in pursuit, allowing the party to sneak through the gate.

So... where did they go? Back to Portland? No, they broke out of the UI to access the direct gate controls and gated to Seattle, instead.

There, the Carnival had temporarily retreated back through their gate to avoid a massive attack by Kantrigar, which the Emerald City had been able to fight off after the chipmonks animated a bunch of buildings using a derivative of Bella's DNA.

So the Carnival was kind of sort of thwarted -- their leader was actually heavily brain-damaged by the massive overdose of drugs Den gave her trying to kill her -- and the various human cities remained in various states of doom. Eventually, according to the prophecy, plants descended from Bella (by way of the chipmonks) would probably take over the world, but it wasn't going to happen right away.

last session | next session, different campaign

The next game is going to be in the world of the Wheel of Time, only using races from old campaigns. Snowwy's going to be one of the bird-people from the Stargate campaign, I'll be a feriphal, Murdock an illiski, and Keith is making a boring old Hannah. There were plenty more races to choose from, but to keep it somewhat reasonable Lazar's having only the races we picked exist in the world. I guess he'll try to line them up with Aiel and Seanchan and Trollocs and whatever... the Illiski are going to be the Ogier, master illusionists who can create impossible things and make them real, instead of master crafters per-se.
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