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I thought you said no dungeon crawls...

Josh and... er... whatsisname never showed up at all for the Mutants and Mastermind game we were going to have today, and Ed was very very late, so we played Tempus instead, again. But Ed did eventually show up, so after the game (I won again, but only by one point this time) we did a little Mutants and Masterminds after all.

After chasing off the ghost, the superheroes followed the scent trail of the missing homeless man to an old crypt in the middle of a graveyard. After giving a short, incomprehensible speech, the Tick opened the door in his special way, then everyone ran down a very long, windy staircase into the depths of the earth.

They came to a creepy, misty corridor lined with doors. Shadow whispered to the Tick, "It's obvious that stealth is essential to our success... why don't you run down the hallway, screaming as loud as you can, while we check these doors?"

"Okay!" said the Tick, and did so, setting off a massive web trap. Yashi tried to wind-scar away the webs, but they were too tough for her. Shadow teleported past the webs to see if anything else was coming their way, inadventantly appearing in the middle of a room full of skeletal archers. Fortunately, he won initiative and managed to hide in plain sight (and move) before they could get a bead on him.

Shadow intended to take down all the skeletons -- which were obviously minions -- on his own without involving the others, but the Tick managed to break free of the webs on his own and charge through the area, with Yashi close behind. John Doe just flew through them in nanite-swarm mode, and Morgan astrally projected into the room. So, they were all there for the battle.

The skeletons went down quickly, but there were a lot of them, and while the Tick was invulnerable to their attacks, John and Morgan were incorporeal, and Shadow stuck behind cover and/or stayed hidden, Yashi was just standing out there asking to be shot, and she got shot, a lot.

Then the main bad guy (at least of this fight) -- a very EVIL looking skeleton with a glowing black sword -- ported in with even more skeletons, many of which closed on Yashi and hacked at her with normal rusty swords. John tried to corrode this new threat, but couldn't hurt him, so he got ignored and the enemy squared off with the Tick, with whom he seemed evenly matched.

While they were going back and forth, Yashi somehow managed to not be stunned for a round and act, and used her wind scar to clear half the room of skeletons. Next round -- just after Morgan (who'd given up on astral projections) teleported in for real and got pin-cushioned -- she cleared the other half... and the bad guy ran away, after a parting fireball that took Yashi down.

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Right... you know how that Shadake game I was running was utterly ruined by teleportation? In this game, EVERYONE can teleport. I guess that fits the genre, though -- the bad guys always get away, all you can do is foil their plots.
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