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First, Friday night, we ate at Red Robin. It was really crowded, but the server suggested we could seat ourselves in the 'lounge' area near the bar, and get served faster.

So we did -- we found a free table and scrounged up some extra chairs so that everyone could sit there. Eventually, a waitress came by, and said that even to just sit in the bar we all needed to be carded. Unfortunately, since Snowwy doesn't drive he didn't have 'valid' picture ID -- he had an expired state ID card, and apparently the assumption is that once your ID expires, they have no way of knowing whether you suddenly got ten years younger and are no longer old enough to buy alcohol. Or something. I tried to get her to explain how that policy made any sense, but she just fell back on 'that's the policy and I'd be in trouble if I made an exception'.

I wouldn't have let her make an exception anyway, most likely, even if she'd been inclined to. I don't like breaking rules for trivial things.

Anyway, we eventually got a table, but it was crowded and the service was crap. Since Red Robin works on the 'charge you for all-you-can-eat and serve you teeny bits at a time' model, this didn't go so well.
In city of heroes, I've mostly been playing Timpani, although Saturday I took time out to run Aci through the Binder of Beasts SF with the Pentacle. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I'd apparently put off stamina in my last respec in favor of having useful powers as early as possible... the other /dark corruptor in the group was jealous. And because by 40 I had the slots for endrdx in stuff, I wasn't hurting for endurance unless I went crazy with my remaining AoE (which happened a couple times).

As for Timpani, I think she's a good, playable character, and I'm impressed with the reasonable nature of the SG I accepted a blind invite to, although this is now the THIRD SG that's had 'mandatory registration on our website required!' next to a broken URL. But I think I'm getting a little bored of her, and it's time to switch to another alt for a while. This usually happens in the high teens, thanks to the grind towards Stamina -- going four to six levels with no new powers is a bit of a bummer.
When I get bored of CoH, I've been playing Okami and watching TV. Lots of TV to watch, I guess it's that time of year or something? Or one of those times of year, anyway. As for Okami... well, it's a shameless Zelda clone (I mean, come on, bombing cracked walls?), but it's a good Zelda clone. Around ten or so I'll decide to play a little Okami before going back for another session of CoH, then around 1am realize that it's time for bed...
Last night I had a horrible nightmare... I dreamed that I'd decided to go back to school, somewhere in Portland, so I'd moved down there and gotten a new job and apartment -- things were awful, but workable, until I realized that I'd never TOLD my old job or apartment that I was leaving, and as far as they knew I was just a deadbeat...

But the worst part was SPECIFICALLY, in the dream, thinking about how this was just like a dream I always had, only I was doing it for real and it wasn't going quite as badly because I wasn't as stupid in real life as I always was in dreams. Then, I realized I was stupid. It was a while later before I realized I was dreaming. }:P
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