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Cursed Trees...

So, no game last night, since Lazar was called in to work late. I could use the extra time to come up with a character anyway... he wants, like, an actual background in advance and I'm having a hard time thinking of one that's interesting. Considering going with something over the top and excessive, just for the heck of it.

So, anyway, I ended up playing a lot of Okami. Mostly, I spent hours trying to find the missing tree to make bloom so that the old tree man would teach me his 'make cursed trees bloom' dance. 'Only 2 left!' Then I found four, and it was 'only 1 left!' because three of them didn't count (they didn't give me praise anyway).

Anyway, I eventually had to go to bed, where I dreamed all night of... making dead trees bloom, and searching for the last one which I could never find.

So, anyway, fresh from that dream I woke up and gave it one more, futile try. Still can't find it. Going to move on with the game I guess, and just hope I never need that power.
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