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Happy Birthday to Me!

So far, I've gotten several gifts:

  • I gained 10 pounds literally overnight. I don't know how that happened.
  • My mom sent me an e-mail fishing for compliments about the card she sent me, which I either didn't get or didn't save.
  • I spent all day at work making very little progress towards the goal despite doing a lot of stuff. Porting code is a lot like tracing the edge of a fractal sometimes. This was one of those times.
  • Then, around the end of the day, someone that I *thought* I was coordinating with sent an e-mail complaining about things that would have had to have been fixed back in March, except that I *thought* we'd agreed not to do that. I suspect this is not the same person who I was talking to back then.
  • Oh, and did I mention I've spent about two hours on the toilet today, so far? And still feel like I have to... ooog... %.%

That'll teach me to not take off work for my birthday.
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