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This should surprise no one

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Also, I'll take the time to mention my latest near-death experience at the hands of the local police. My apartment is at the top of a rather steep hill, which makes turning into the driveway 'interesting' because you can't see cars coming very well... you have enough warning not to get hit, but not much more than that.

So, I turned right onto NE 8th on red, and immediately saw a cop barrelling towards me over the hill, siren blazing. The light is near the bottom of the hill, though, so I had time to swerve over to the shoulder and let him pass, despite my low speed. I waited a couple seconds, then got back in the left lane and into the either-way turn lane next to the apartment's driveway.

It's usually a wait before I can get an opening, and this was no exception. In particular, there was a bus blocking the right lane of oncoming traffic, letting people get on and off, so a long slow line of cars was filtering past in the left lane. And then, another cop suddenly came over the hill, sirens blazing, driving in the either-lane turn lane which I was in to get around the traffic jam. The cars in the left oncoming lane managed to get to the right fast enough for the cop to JUST BARELY swerve out of the lane I was parked in and into the left oncoming lane... I couldn't do anything, because not only was I at a dead stop, but the lanes going my way that I would have had to flee into were full of traffic.

Repeat this six more times before I finally got an opening to get out of the turn lane and into the parking lot, the last being a column of about ten cops. Somehow, all of them missed me, but I was frazzled out of my mind.

There were a lot more sirens for about the next hour, too, although I was safely out of the line of fire by that point... I wonder what the heck was going on that every cop, ambulance, and fire truck in the tri-state area was barreling past my apartment?
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