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Even patched, SEV has some bugs. Like, more crashes. And you can't launch sattelites from planets in simultaneous turn mode (or possibly at all). Sigh.

For some reason, I decided to start another CoV character, this time an energy/electric brute. Been decent so far, but at level 7 it's really too early to tell if I'll like it more than my stone/dark.

I also tried to finish up my character sheet for today's game so that I could print it out and maybe not take my laptop... but the rules for armor were really confusing and I'm not sure I did it right.

Eg, 'suit of leather armor (soft): 100' 'suit of clothing: 50'
Where leather armor is made out of 'leather' 'cost:2, DR:6' and clothing is made of wool 'cost:1, DR: 2'. So far so good.

So I want a suit of chainmail. Well, under 'soft materials' is 'chain', listed as 'cost: x2, DR: varies, 1/2 against impact'. I can go to metals and find, say, steel, 'cost: 10, DR: 100'. Does that mean steel chain is effectively 'cost:20, DR: 100, 50 against impact'? Making it 1000 for a full suit?

But that means iron chain is cost:2, DR:30, 15 against impact. The same price as leather, which is only DR 6.
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