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What luck!

Friday we actually started the new Shadake campaign over at Lazar's, after a bit more character creation (which also consumed the whole session the night before).

The treasure-hunting party consisted of:
Fezzik, a feriphal channeler with some formal training from his clan's Wisdom. He's not a proper Aes Sedai, though, and can't cast weaves as quickly as them (and is terrified he'll screw up and still himself if he tries to do it under pressure), so he tends to bind his combat spells to arrows ahead of time.
Sophia-Roth, a hannah mercenary who'd been Fezzik's companion for some time, although mostly doing mercenary work until the Aeil War ended. Hannah are catfolk, the 'ordinary humans' of the world.
The Kanwei family, a group of hannah merchants... oh, who is he kidding? Everyone who lives with him can tell that he's really an Illiski pretending to be one of an assortment of hannah, depending on his mood. As an illiski, he's a skilled 'illusionist', the sort that can create real objects as well. Most Illiski live in Steadings where they maintain the quality of life the rest of the species lost with the breaking of the world, but some (like Kanwei) leave to seek their fortune, or whatever.
Hakiim, a failed nimune gleeman (bard) whose eidetic memory and occasional access to nobles' libraries are the company's main source of leads on treasure to go hunt. The nimune also have a variety of extra useful senses and the ability to fly.

The party had had a couple successful treasure hunts -- although robbers had wrecked their cart on the last trip, and got the bulk of the treasure they'd found. Easy come, easy go...

Still, they weren't in desperate straights, and were reasonably well equipped, although without a lot of cash on hand. But they'd found a map, or rather Hakiim had gotten a glance at a map and recreated it for them, which showed the locations of dozens of ancient settlements from just after the Breaking. Comparing it to a recent map would let them find the ruins where a few scraps of the old world might still be there for the taking, if they were well enough hidden not to be scavenged by robbers or Hunters of the Horn.

They picked a spot and headed out. Unlike the previous ones, this settlement wasn't on any road, although it was near the river that flowed past Carhein, where they were based. A day's travel across the bridge and through the increasingly dense forest brought them to... god only knew where. Certainly none of them did, other than 'somewhere on the riverbank'. A flaw in their plan began to emerge -- none of them had the woodcraft to recognize when they were in the right location on the map.

It was dark, though, so they bedded down for the night... only to be woken by Fezzik stumbling about in search of one of his shoes, which some animal had stolen. Or rather, by his scream, as he fell a dozen feet into a pit -- an abandoned kiln. They couldn't tell if this was the place they were looking for, but this was a place. What luck!

So, after they found Fezzik's shoe (in the river, sunk into the mud -- he had to 'dowse' for it using the one power), they explored enough of the underground to feel safe sleeping there for the night (and to find a different entrance large enough for Hakiim to make it down, since he couldn't fit down the chimney thanks to his wings), in out of the cold. They also found some small treasures -- ter'angreal potters wheels (too large to haul out without a cart, and they hadn't tried to take a cart into the deep woods) and some pottery tools made out of interesting metals. Unfortunately, none of the pots were finished, so while they'd be able to get *something* for them, it wouldn't be enough to be worth hauling them back, really. At least, not without a cart. Maybe another trip later on would be in order, perhaps with a boat?

In the morning (or at least, when they all woke up) they explored the underground ruins further. Most of them were collapsed, but they were able to get across the street to a mansion, where Fezzik was able to unravel the weave of some solid air protecting a painting on the wall in the lobby... and then they found themselves in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.

Hakiim recognized this as the outer workings of a particular kind of sa'angreal -- in the center would be the control room to use it, and there should be trapdoors at the intersections leading to the living chambers below. Only, there weren't any trapdoors.

They did find the center, though -- a garden under a dome of cuendillar, with still living flowers, a still-flowing fountain, and a small table set up near the center with an open book and a bunch of ter'angreal scattered around... that looked like it'd been used recently.

Unfortunately, they couldn't get in -- trying to walk through the door just whisked them instantly to the other side of the dome, dumping them back in the maze.

last session, different campaign | next session

And it turned out that the equipment sheet I was getting all confused by was old and out of date.
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