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In other news...

Fear! Panic! The Halloween event's almost over! And I've only got new costume slots on, like, six or seven of the thirty-some alts...

The DVR screwed up recording Battlestar Galactica, but it looks like there's an encore showing of it tonight that I can record. Or just, you know, watch. And with all the serieses currently making new episodes, I didn't get through the weekend's allotment as it is. Lost, Heroes, Battlestar, and Dr. Who == four hours of TV. Four $%^& hours. x.x

Jurann showed up at the sunday gathering, to everyone's surprise. He seems... eh, I won't go into it. We played some Munchkin, then I headed back to Kits' place with Lexx (or whatever he's calling himself now) and we played a bit of magic and SPANC. Raivynne (or however you spell it) was actually playing magic and being all social for once, while Kitsunetaur was all broody and pegged to his computer. Complete reversal. Maybe they swapped bodies?
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