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Lag leads to... gambits?

Level 40 leads to new I7 content.
New I7 content leads to Grandville.
Grandville leads to lag.
Lag leads to... playing a different game. }:P

That is, Grandville is one of the two zones in CoX (the other being Dark Astoria, of all places) where I tend to lag out just standing around. This is unfortunate, since it's the hub of all the 41+ villain content. So when that happened last night, I decided to let the postgame-downloader download the patch for I8 while I played some FF12.

Unfortunately, it looks like the reason I lag out is that something in the zone makes my connection continuously step down its speed until it hits a minimum and can no longer, er, connect. So, I spent five hours playing FF12 while it downloaded the 220mb patch at 568 bits per second. Basically no progress. I reconnected and restarted it, and it's getting a slightly better rate now (3.6k, which is close to the 4.2k that's the most I can really hope for).

FF12 is cool, though. I played through the looooong 'warning: save in a different slot because it'll be a while before you get back' sequence, and finally got back to Rabanastre this morning (no, I didn't play all night). Gambits are pretty useful... you'd go crazy trying to control everyone otherwise (because the UI is kind of crap for controlling more than one character -- supposedly it's a retread of FFXI's). I haven't found any way to do something like 'if foe hasn't been successfully stolen from yet: steal'. The closest I can get is 'if foe health == 100%: steal', but even then I have to manually attack once after stealing.

I also think I screwed up the main character's licenses. He's sort of a hybrid mage/swordsman right now, and I'm getting to the point where the licenses for each kind of go off in different directions... I might have to spend some time powerlevelling for LP to unfuck his license board once I decide what I actually want to do with him.

Oh, and I *meant* to pick up NWN2 Tuesday when I picked up FF12, but it wasn't in yet. And now I started playing FF12, so it might be a while before I get to it... *sigh*. "Day after a final fantasy" has to be the worst launch plan EVER.
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