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Urge to kill...

Yesterday was not a good day, for my mood. Otherwise, it was fine. Nothing in particular went wrong. But by the time I left work, I was shaking and on the verge of tears... and feeling like... like I needed sugar, or maybe water.

It turned out I needed salt, I think, since I wandered the grocery store isles until my body said THAT and it was vegetable soup. Go figure. It did make me feel better, though.

Anyway, I went home and watched Lost, then played some city of heroes, and although the team wasn't especially bad, I totally was not up to dealing with people. Especially not while playing a bubble defender.

"We need a healer," said during a fight that was going well. No one went below 95% in this fight either.

"Where were you all? Didn't you see me attack?" from the tank who decided to stop following the team leader and go attack a different group across the room, leading to a team wipe.

"We need more people," after the wipe. Because obviously, the solution to poor coordination is adding more people.

So I logged off and played a very frustrating session of final fantasy XII.
Step 1: Take on an enemy that makes you use up most of your hi-potions.
Step 2: Defeating the enemy raises your clan ranking. Now instead of hi-potions, the clan shop sells... chocobo food?!
Step 3: "Wow, a new area just opened up. I'll go explore it..." *splat* as the enemies kill you in one hit.
Step 4: Okay, I'll take on the next mark. The villagers hinted that I needed to kill everyone in the 'south bank' area to get it to spawn.
Step 5: Two hours later, check the web. Oh, it's in the NORTH bank, not the south bank. And you have to leave the screen after killing all the enemies, then come back.
Step 6: *splat* as the enemy you finally got to spawn kills you in a bunch of little hits, which it delivers very very fast while ignoring your attacks.

It doesn't seem possible to set up gambits that work on anything other than really easy monsters. I think you're supposed to set up custom gambits during the boss fight... I need to try that. Having someone spam 'immobilize' on the melee only cluckatrice might have made the fight winnable... although I'd probably have run out of ethers before it ran out of hit points, my god.
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