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The Wise and Powerful Mock our Heroes

Last night we had a session of Lazar's World of Time themed Shadake game, in which our heroes survived several rounds of combat only because the enemies mostly weren't trying to kill them.

According to Hakiim's (or possibly Kanwei's) knowledge of places like this, at every intersection there should have been trapdoors leading to a lower level more likely to be full of accessible treasure, since it was where people lived instead of where they did horrible things to magic and fate. They were nowhere to be found, though... at least, not before a series of explosions alerted the treasure hunters that someone else was (or possibly, had been) moving around the area.

They rushed to investigate, and found themselves at another entrance to the maze, where a series of rocks charged as grenades hung on ropes blocking the way. A few had been detonated, but there was no sign of bodies... there was sign of a trapdoor, though, dislodged from its normally hidden state by the explosions. They pried it open, and began to explore the lower level.

Most of the rooms they found initially were servants' quarters, but even servants of the ancient world had things worth selling -- pretty pots, minor artifacts, some paintings they could cut out of the frames and roll up... eventually, they came to a spartan throne room, dominated by a very very ugly throne. There was even less treasure in the throne room than the servants' quarters, though.

So they decided to open the door behind the throne, which was most likely to lead to treasure. Unfortunately, it was locked, and apparently impervious to (at least) the one power, as Fezzik's strongest cutting torch weave failed to do more than slightly scorch the surface. They were discussing where to go next, when an old man ambled into the room.

"Stop making so much noise! I was trying to sleep!" he said, and they talked with him for a while. He was obviously an Ashamon (the male equivalent of an aes sedai) and seemed to be sort of... senile... although they figured he was probably faking. He eventually went to sleep on the throne, so the party decided to leave him there and continue looting the place.

"He'll probably follow us secretly, so at least we'll know where he is."

Unfortunately, the first door they opened led to a mold-filled room that no one wanted to enter. Fezzik tried to sterilize it with flames, but that... didn't work... at all. Fezzik ended up writhing and choking on the floor, covered in spores... he'd actually managed to hold his breath instead of inhaling them, but it was *really gross* and he was being melodramatic.

Then, when they went to open the last remaining door, the supposedly-sleeping old man said, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"He doesn't know us very well," Fezzik remarked. "Although I bet if we open the door it'll let the river in or something."

So they opened the door, and it let in the river. Well, not the river -- the massive flood of water was much colder than the river, and clean, with no fish. Kanwei was washed away down the halls, Fezzik lost all his arrows and was banged against various walls in the throne room, and Hakiim and Sophia... well, they just got wet, since they managed to keep hold of the rope they'd used to force open the door.

The old man disappeared as silently as he'd shown up.

Fezzik couldn't swim, but the flood soon calmed down and he was able to climb up out of the water onto a tabletop. And relight the candle he was magicking into a light source. And modify it to also make the air warm, since otherwise they'd probably have all died of hypothermia. Then, he built a boat out of air, and... it sank, putting out the candle and cancelling the light and warmth spells.

EVENTUALLY, they started floating around on a cube of solid air, and found Kanwei, who was busily looting the kitchen of sealed jars of spice. The flood had washed him nearer to the center than they'd been able to go, before, and in a little bit they saw a circle of light in the ceiling -- was it the well they'd seen through the teleport-trapped doorways? Yes, it was.

So Hakiim flew up to check it out, and when he failed to explode, Fezzik built a spiralling staircase of solid air (with some mist to make it easier to pick out, and allow them to emerge dramatically) and followed him into the room. Where he discovered that a trio of powerful Aes Sedai were watching them and had just trapped him and Hakiim in solid air.

"Accepted, what are you doing out of the tower?" one asked him.

"We're hunting for the horn! Or anything else shiny and old."

"Who gave you permission to leave?"

"Err... I'm not prepared to answer that question right now."

There was an argument about whether Fezzik was a runaway or a Wilder, which presumably would have determined how roughly he was dragged to the White Tower to be trained as an Aes Sedai -- at a glance, they could tell that 'he' was channeling the female side of the one power, of course. At a similar glance, he could tell that they were MUCH MUCH MUCH more powerful than him. Well, okay, the one from the gray ajah was about as powerful as he was using his angreal, but it was the red (much stronger) and the brown (even stronger than that) that were holding him and Hakiim.

Fortunately, before, say, the Aes Sedai could figure out how to actually get to them through the teleport doors, Kanwei came to the rescue by creating an obvious distraction, using illusion at a distance. The brown tied off the weave holding Fezzik, allowing him to cut it and jump back down the well.

"We have to run away! Here, throw the glowing ones at them," he babbled at Kanwei and Sophia, handing them his bag of charged rocks (since he'd lost his arrows, and couldn't hope to throw the rocks far enough since he was very weak even for a feriphal).

"I don't think the rocks will go through the door..." Kanwei objected.

"I just need them distracted long enough that I can cut the weave on Hakiim, and then we can all run away.

So Sophia chucked a glowing rock, which exploded in a fireball engulfing half the garden inside the dome, and Kanwei backed it up with an illusion of rocks crumbling off the walls and blocking all four doors. This didn't make the Red drop the weave on Hakiim, but Fezzik made a desperate try anyway, and somehow he managed to get Hakiim loose.

Unfortunately, the brown wasn't fooled by the illusion or actually stopped by the tele-doors, and stepped into the room, slowly advancing towards them. The four treasure hunters fled back down the well, but found all possible exits blocked by rubble -- real rubble now, not just illusion.

"Are you ready to talk?" the brown asked, as they sailed past the well for the third time.

"No!" Fezzik yelled back, but eventually the rest of them convinced him to go talk, since there was apparently no escape, and she was stealing their treasure while they wasted time hiding.

So they went to talk. The brown gave the standard spiel about how it was reckless to channel without being trained by the tower, and how Fezzik was going to still herself, yada yada yada. When he told her his name, she recognized what had happened -- Fezzik's clan Wisdom had actually been an Aes Sedai in disguise, giving 'her' the basic training to keep 'her' from stilling 'herself' immediately, and was supposed to have sent 'her' off to the White Tower to finish 'her' training, but something had happened -- most likely the attack by whitecloaks that had led to the clan exiling Fezzik.

While she talked about that, she examined the objects on the table and proclaimed them the work of madness. She took the useful ones, but the party was able to pocket an assortment of oddities... a balefire pen-knife, a picture-sized window into Tel'aran'rhiod, a magnet on a stick, a strange crystal orb with immobile cracks, a book that either erased itself from your memory or forced you to remember it perfectly (but was full of useless gibberish) and some others.

Then she said, "You don't know why you're here, do you? Well, I think I'll leave you with this body, and two Aes Sedai to explain the situation to." And fell over dead.

Not wanting to be caught with her body (or leaving her body behind), Fezzik dragged it off and hid it in a crypt of solid air buried in rubble, all created with the male half of the one power so that the Aes Sedai wouldn't be able to see the weaves or hopefully tell it apart from the other rubble -- he wasn't good enough to make real rock like the brown had. There were two reasonable explanations -- either someone had been controlling her and killed her, or she was faking her own death, and in case it was the second he didn't want to actually drown her or incinerate her.

Then, after Fezzik passed out some rocks charged with 'seal' just in case, Kanwei used another bomb to 'blow open' one of the exits the Aes Sedai weren't at, and they headed for the exit as fast as they can.

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