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I don't know

Well, I'm on track for gettin SotD to 35 for Saturday's SF... 7 bubbles left and two days of actual playing to go, which should be doable. Especially if I can team up with brutes and fire/ doms with imps and such, again.

The fire dom in question kept insisting that there was a solution on the boards to the framerate problems I've been having, attributed to the AGPness of my video card. Supposedly, AGP running at 8x is plenty fast enough, but sometimes the rate doesn't get set to that for some reason, and if I download this 3rd party program it'll hack the nvidia foreceware drivers and let me set the AGP rate.

Although it says this only works if you first set the max AGP rate in your BIOS, which I can't do because the BIOS didn't have any such option. But there's still a chance that the BIOS is right and the card is screwed up, and this'll help. Won't know until I try it.

The rest of the advice was just general crap that's no help at all. 'Reduce system overhead' is all well and good, but I can open up a bunch of programs in the background without (further) reducing my framerate, so I doubt that's the limiting factor.

I couldn't play City of Villains this morning, so I played some FF12... I found where to buy hi-potions -- on the airship you can hire to take you between Rabanastre and... er... the floating city place. It's pretty silly -- the plot has me taking the pirate's airship to the edge of some horrible desert so that we can hurry to get ahold of some person... but there's a teleport crystal there you can use to go back to the original city (which has upgraded weapons for sale) to take out a few more marks or just level up. I took out the Nidhogg and the Cluckatrice, but the giant turtle thing kicked my butt, really really quickly.

I also scummed in the mines for bone shards to sell for cash to upgrade weapons, then discovered I'd have to do it again if I wanted the upgraded *armor*... maybe later. I think I'll go forwards with the plot for a bit, now.

Oh, and there was also an election or something yesterday. I think I voted a couple weeks ago (two first class stamps pays 63 cent postage, right?). It looks like the democrats managed to win one house of congress, which should be just enough rope to hang themselves with. But not enough to actually accomplish anything. It would have been enough to *stop* some bad things if they'd had it four years ago... at this point I'm kind of skeptical of anyone's ability to fix things with the power of deadlock, which is all one house of congress really gives them.
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