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Step 3: Profit!

Last night I had a session of Lazar's World of Time themed Shadake game. Basically, we escaped from our enemies and sold some loot.

As the party approached the pottery-shop exit, but before they were actually in sight of it, they overheard a conversation between the Aes Sedai and their warder, through the wall. They spoke of the Brown's death (the Red was sure she was dead, and her warder had suddenly dropped dead, which suggested it was true) and of 'the enemy' guarding the one exit. One exit was there, and would be guarded by the red (Altraea). Another was buried. The third was the one they'd come in, with the hanging rocks, and would be guarded by the warder (Bran). The white (Elise) was sent to find the last exit.

The party decided to get there first, and thanks to Hakiim's memory, they were able to take the shortest route and get there ahead of her. Unfortunately, it ended in a long underwater canal, stretching off into the distance to north and south, parallelling the river (but quite a distance from it).

Hakiim flew off to search for an exit, but found only trollocs. Meanwhile, the rest hid on a platform of solid air, behind an illusionary wall of rubble, while Elise monologued about how her calculations had assured her that either they or the trollocs would be there, and that if it was them they needed training urgently before they hurt themselves, and if it was the trollocs, *fireball*.

They were far enough to the side to not get fireballed, but the light and heat attracted the trollocs, so they decided to flee in turn into the trolloc caves (but not the ones trollocs were at that moment coming out of). Since they weren't sure they were up to fighting off trollocs, Fezzik made some 'pillar of air' grenades to block off trolloc-filled tunnels, should they run into any.

But they were lucky, and didn't run into any trollocs until they were almost out, when they arrived at the exit guarded by the hanging rocks and the warder, who was locked in combat with a dozen trollocs, blocking the way.

They had three fireball grenades left, so Fezzik passed them out and they threw them, hoping that the volley would take out the Trollocs. That... didn't happen. It wasn't enough -- they were tough, and well armored. But it really pissed them off, and the pillar of air forced them to squeeze through one at a time, at enough of a disadvantage for Sophia to fight them successfully, while the warder took them from behind. Soon, all the trollocs were dead.

"Do you know the way out?" they asked the warder (a nimune), who thanked them for saving his life, and pointed them to the hole in the ceiling they hadn't been able to see before. They wished him luck finding the 'darkfriends' his aes sedai was still tracking inside the complex (that is, them) and fled before he could think it through.

Back up in the forest above, they ran into a strange man with a shovel and other strange tools. Not strange in themselves, so much as strange to be carrying around in a forest and attempting to beat a path through thorns with. Like the Aes Sedai (did I forget to mention that above?) he was here to stop some catastrophe, or to prevent someone from further using 'the eye' and causing more catastrophe. They pointed him to the entrance they'd come out, but didn't go with him, because (a) the aes sedai were still in there, and (b) he sounded kind of crazy himself, especially with his talk of 'witches' that reminded them of the Whitecloaks. Since at least three quarters of the party was a bit witchy...

Then they camped overnight in the forest... somewhere in the forest... and in the morning found the river and headed back to Carhein, where a (feriphal) noble was shopping at Kanwei's store. "Ah, we just got in a new shipment," Kanwei told them, and laid out their new finds for his perusal. They ended up getting about 20k for some choice items (including all the little pots), and he told them the location of some probably-unguarded caches of ter'angreal that used to belong to disgraced nobles, that this noble had found out but didn't feel qualified to retrieve himself, since it was probably dangerous.

He recommended they check out the most distant one first, since it had the most wealth. They were a bit suspicious of the accuracy of his information (since none of the locations were less than a week away), but they'd gotten an 'okay' price for the things even if the information was worthless, and it'd be an adventure either way.

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