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20 questions...

...about god, mostly?

1. Why is there poverty and suffering in the world?
Poverty is because we come up with advancements before we have the resources to distribute them to everyone, suffering is an evolutionary trait, probably meant to encourage people to be greedy and selfish.

2. What is the relationship between science and religion?
They started out as the same thing, but science is the offshoot that actually works.

3. Why are so many people depressed?
Chemicals, as I understand it.

4. What are we all so afraid of?

5. When is war justifiable?
People can justify anything.

6. How would God want us to respond to aggression and terrorism?
With aggression and terrorism, if you believe what you read.

7. How does one obtain true peace?
d3$tr0y +3# 3v!L

8. What does it mean to live in the present moment?
Enjoy yourself!

9. What is our greatest distraction?
I was going to say 'physics', but I think 'chemistry' wins the prize. Hmm, 'history' is a pretty big one, too. Maybe I could have them fight it out?

10. Is current religion serving its purpose?
Yeah, I guess. The main problem with it is that people take it too seriously -- they use it for other stuff in addition to its true purpose.

11. What happens to you after you die?
If anything happens to you, then you haven't really died.

12. Describe Heaven and how to get there.
Heaven is the ultimate virtual reality construction kit. To get there, you have to become fictional.

13. What is the meaning of life?
There's twelve or thirteen, depending on which dictionary you use.

14. Describe God.
He's a death-obsessed bully who thinks he has the right to control everything he created, and feels no moral obligation towards anyone.
Or, he's a loving parental figure that allows suffering and death because the whole world is fake anyway, and he doesn't want to interfere in our sandbox play.

15. What is the greatest quality humans possess?
The ability to do math. Mapping between reality and abstractions allows you to figure out anything, even if it's beyond your comprehension.

16. What is it that prevents people from living to their full potential?
Entropy. Curse you, entropy!

17. Non-verbally, by motion or gesture only, act out what you believe to be the current condition of the world.
No. I don't have the right equipment.

18. What is your one wish for the world?
I wish the goblin king would come and take you away, right now!

19. What is wisdom, and how do we gain it?
The ability to maintain situational awareness and ignore distractions. You can add a point every fourth level, or wear magic amulets.

20. Are we all One?
If so, I hardly recognize myself.

Also, I got Cinnamon up to 37 and respecced her into... er... into the same thing, only with frozen fists instead of ice sword, because while ice sword looks cool, frozen fists is a faster attack.

I also got the Paladin/Sorc I've been playing in NWN to 4th as a sorc, giving her Mirror Image, which makes all the difference. I think they forgot to give the images a low AC. They also apparently forgot to implement Natural Spell, which makes trouble for the NPC druid.

And for the Eberron Campaign Eric's planning... well... it's being put off two more weeks because Ed's going to be missing and all the stuff we need for it is locked in his house, apparently? I mean, it's not like Tom or Eric don't have space for us to play...

But anyway, I decided to play a Bard to go with Josh's Duskblade. There're some cheesy bard prestige classes I can take later on... Lyric Theurge and Sublime Chord... that eventually give me something very close to full sorcerer spellcasting capability, incuding 9th level spells and all.
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