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Two wrongs make a right?

In the building where I work, we used to have an 'xbox lounge', with an xbox and some games and a largish TV, but it was claimed in the name of office space, and turned into cubicles.

We also used to have a well-stocked copy room with all sorts of copiers and printers, but it's been sadly denuded of office supplies ever since facilities realized that everyone was just using e-mail anyway. We're left with a largish room with two shelves with sparsely scattered pens and dry erase markers.

So, our local rogue tester decided to turn the copy room into the new xbox lounge. All the furniture fits, and now all we need is to find who has the spare key to the lockbox the xbox was kept in... and then we can once again play xbox (and 360) games without having to pay for them, on company time. Yay!
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