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Dreams of Glory

Friday night we had a session of Lazar's wheel of time themed shadake game. We switched back to the old damage system, with a 'fatigue' add on to make it easier to dodge the attacks you really, really need to dodge. This is the new attempt to prevent one-shots, instead of the last one that nerfed high-level damage to the point where it really wasn't even worth trying.

The next day, most of the party split up to go shopping for upgraded equipment, using the proceeds of the previous adventure, while Kanwei manned the shop. While they were out, he was visited by a creepy guy looking for weapons. All the actual useful weapons had of course been claimed by various members of the party, but Kanwei managed to scrounge up something antique to sell him.

Most of them were back by the time the other interesting customers came in. The first of those was an Ashaman of the Blue Ajah, who for once didn't insist that Fezzik go in for training -- he'd been led to their shop (or at least, to the block their shop was on) looking for the 'Children of Sinopa' and the 'key' to prevent 'the weave of the world from unravelling', which was an odd way to put it since 'the weave of the world' was usually called 'the pattern', and the oracles he'd (broken into the white tower and) spoken to were renowned for choosing their words with great precision.

Kanwei mentioned that one of his parents was named Sinopa... and they went over all the things they'd sold recently to see if any of them screamed 'key' but they really didn't. They sort of decided that it would be kind of a good idea to help him if he really needed to save the world, but that they had no idea what they could possibly do since all the information anyone had was so vague. They settled for Kanwei sending a message to Sinopa to ask if she knew anything.

The third interesting visitor was a thief-taker who'd tracked a murderer (the worst of a pack of four that he'd been tracking) to their store, although it wasn't any of them -- he smelled the violence of their fight against the Trollocs, but it hadn't been murder. Kanwei mentioned the creepy knife-buying guy, and the thief-taker agreed that he seemed like a likely suspect. So, to lure him back, he arranged for a replica heron-marked blade to be put on display in the shop's window.

"Just tell people it's already sold if they ask to buy it."

"Why not just put a price tag on it for five times its value, then buy a new one to give back to your friend if someone shells out for it?"

"Even the replica is irreplaceable. It's worth millions!"

"... and you're leaving it here, with us, overnight? I'm not sure I can guarantee it'll still be here in the morning."

"Murder smells strongest, but I can still track down a thief."

Despite muttering about being able to run an awful long way on five million dollars, Fezzik decided to create his own replica instead, using the one power. But that was pretty obviously beyond his skill, and he fell asleep, as did all of them...

Except that Kanwei and Sophia ended up in Tel'aran'rhiod. For Kanwei, this was apparently normal -- it was how he was actually intending to contact Sinopa, since there was no carrier pigeon that would go to his steading. For Sophia, it was unusual (and possibly caused by her pet ferret), but she recognized it since they'd had a little explanatory mention of it when looking through the picture frame ter'angreal, and the flickery appearance of mobile objects was recognizable.

The problem was that Fezzik and Hariim were also in Tel'aran'rhiod, being interrogated in their sleep by the ghostly and seemingly also sleeping form of the feriphal who'd told them about the caches in other cities -- this sort of nocturnal spying was probably how he knew about those other caches, but it was still disturbing to hear them telling him all their secrets.

So Fezzik and Hariim were woken up, and decided to spend the night at the inn across the street. Hariim took all his stuff with him, Fezzik locked up his room in solid air 'until morning' to prevent theft and went over essentially unarmed. This proved to be a very poor decision.

Because the next thing that Sophia's ferret led her to (in the dream world) was the house across the street from both the inn and the shop, where someone had a pair of women drugged and tied up in the middle of a ritual circle. Since Kanwei was still busy (she thought), she woke up Fezzik and Hariim and they stormed the place.

She hadn't seen any sign of guards, so Fezzik just charged a couple rocks from the street with spells 'just in case' instead of going back to his room and undoing the spell locking all his stuff away. He did also put solid air armor on all of them, at least...

They burst through the door, to find an archer taking potshots at them and a trio of additional murderers scrambling to put on their armor and grab weapons. Sophia and Hariim charged the trio, while Fezzik tossed one of his rocks at the archer guarding the door to paralyze him. This did not last long enough for Fezzik to zap him to death, so there was an actual fight... and while Fezzik did eventually win, through sheer bad luck on his enemy's part, he really shouldn't have, as totally unprepared as he was.

Sophia and Hariim fared substantially better, even though one of their opponents was some sort of channeler, tossing a massive fireball that engulfed Sophia in flames. Sophia's sword struck viciously, taking down two of the murderers once they were too exhausted to keep dodging... Hariim (who *had* been helping, since he had his weapons and all) decided she had it in hand, and went to free the girls before a stray fireball took them out.

One of the murderers got away, but the other three were 'tied up' in solid air while Kanwei went to get the thief taker, and Sophia and Hariim took the girls to the wisdom to get an antidote to the poison they'd been dosed with. They'd be sleeping for days, but the wisdom thought they'd live.

The party was basically uninjured, at least, since the fireball had been illusionary (and that murderer an illiski -- probably the creepy guy, although it was hard to tell since he hadn't looked the same during the fight). The thief taker hauled off the prisoners and didn't give the party any money or anything because they looked well off.

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