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Railroaded, literally

Yesterday we started an Eberron campaign -- Eric's running a pair of modules he had lying around, which does seem like the best way to get into the spirit of the setting, since none of us really know it.

The party consists of:
Zeffy, a bard and part time astrologer. It used to be the other way around, until adventuring started paying.
Heyyou, a warforged fighter/accountant.
Silas, a dwarven duskblade. Well, dusk-axe.
Ef-mumble-mumble, a shifter barbarian/cleric. Pacifist until someone hits him, then...
And, er, a rogue with a dex of 8, that Shawn played for the second half of the session, whose name I don't remember, so I'll call him 'Bob'.

They party had been waiting for days for news from Lady E, a noble they'd previously done a job for (off camera). Every morning, they'd go and check for messages at the telegraph station, but it was starting to look like she didn't actually have any more work for them, and they were running out of money, having spent most of the proceeds of their first adventure on equipment.

Until, one day, they came to find the telegraph station ransacked. Carefully approaching, they found the gnome who manned the station unconscious, and after healing her a little she told them that a gang of kobolds (note that in Eberron, while kobolds have a bad reputation, they aren't KOS) had come in and just started tearing up everything, looking for a message from the Lady E. Which had, as a matter of fact, finally arrived.

The gnome couldn't tell them what it said, since part of the magic of the telegraph was that the people who transcribed it couldn't remember what they transcribed, but all they'd really been waiting for was a message that said 'come see me', so they decided to go see her.

But before they got a block, an owl delivered a message, telling them to come see her... in a bar nearby, far from her usual digs. Apparently, she was on the run.

So they went to the bar, which was empty except for her (not many people drinking at 10am in the morning). "Thank goodness you've come! We don't have time -- instructions are in the left pocket. Take the bag and go, before they find us!"

While the party was inclined to do so, they'd only just stood back up when the gang of kobolds burst in through the door, led by a warforged. "Traitorous flesh lover!" the warforged shouted at Heyyou, firing a bolt that bounced off Heyyou's admantium skin, while the kobolds rushed in to surround the party.

It didn't take long for the party to take out all the kobolds and the warforged, although the latter at least got a nasty hit in on Heyyou. "So," Heyyou said, "Mission accomplished?"

"No, there'll be more. Read the note I left in the pocket, and go! I have to run!"

So, as they walked down the street, they searched the pocket and found the note. It turned out the backpack was a Heward's Handy Haversack, with not only a note (telling them that they needed to find a 'schema' from an abandoned workshop called Whitehearth in the Mournlands, formerly the nation of Cyre) but 1500 gold and all the adventuring equipment a bunch of city slickers might have forgotten to buy for themselves.

Since the train to Daruun Gaz (the capital of the Bugbear nation, and where the note siad they could find someone to take them to the place where they could find the location of Whitehearth) wasn't leaving until the next day, they spent half the gold on a wand of lesser vigor, bought a few healing potions, and otherwise prepared impatiently.

The lightning-train itself was uneventful -- in three days they'd reached Sturngate, the edge of... er... Brensh? From there, they'd have to continue on by caravan, another 12 day trip to go roughly the same distance to Daruun Gaz. That didn't go uneventfully -- they were shadowed by bandits, that attacked the caravan about a week in.

Heyyou and Silas split up to charge the enemies attacking the party's wagons on either side, while Zeffy and Bob provided useless fire support with arrows and were missed by thrown javelins in turn. For a while, things looked somewhat... stalemated? But eventually the party's greater resiliance paid off, and they managed to take down the last of the goblins. The rest of the caravan had also fought off their own portion of the intruders, so the danger was over.

In the bugbear capital, they wasted no time going to see the man they'd been told could take them to Rose Hall. "60 gold each," he told them. "You mean you're not a lacky of house Denier that'll take us for free?" "70 gold."

Bob managed to talk him down to 50 gold each, which still seemed like highway robbery... to the people who were broke, having spent all the money on equipment, and didn't have the gold to pay him, which was half the party. But Ef and Silas covered for them, and so they headed out to his 'land cart', but first, random assassins.

"Lairas, you cheater!" the pair of bugbears screamed, charging at their guide.

"I'll protect you for 150 gold," Heyyou offered. Lairas' counteroffer was "I can't guide you if I'm dead," as he hid behind the party.

So Heyyou stayed out of the fight, as did Ef and Bob. That left Zeffy and Silas against the pair of bugbears, since both of them were quick to attack anyone given the slightest excuse. Zeffy made one bugbear collapse in a fit of laughter, then fought the other one defensively for a while while Silas attacked the one rolling on the ground. Until she was smacked upside the head for 80% of her hitpoints, and decided running away was the better part of valor, at which point Heyyou finally stepped in and killed both bugbears with a single blow.

Thankful for the rescue, Lairas pretended that it had never happened, and led them on to his magical earth-elemental imbued land-cart, which explained why he was charging so much. Ef tried to use the power of his gods to heal Zeffy's terrible wound, but she wasn't a devout enough follower of the divine host, so nothing happened.

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