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Over the weekend, I mostly just sat around the house playing video games and trying to recover from the cold that's still hanging on by a thread, although it's really just sniffles at this point.

I still haven't tried out the new Faultline stuff in CoH... I have several level 11-13 characters that I've been trying to get up to level 15 so that they can start in on Faultline, but I keep switching between them instead of sticking with one long enough... and, er, I made another new character for some reason, 'Necessary Newt', an ice/energy blaster.

"Please, master, don't take my eye!" "But the spell won't work without eye of newt! It's in the recipe book!" "Can you just TRY it without, once? Please?" "Okay..."

When everything started to go horribly wrong, the wizard desperately threw his familiar into the pot, and disaster was averted, although there were some side effects of using the entire newt instead of just the eye.

...yeah. I couldn't think of a good backstory for a lizard wearing samurai armor.

Meanwhile, in Neverwinter Nights 2, I ran into an exciting scripted battle -- the enemy mage kept teleporting around and summoning all kinds of monsters that most people can't summon. So I decided to put a stop to that using my new spell, 'Bigby's Grasping Hand', which paralyzed the target if they failed a grapple check. And it worked! The evil sorceress was paralyzed!

...and kept teleporting around and summoning crap, because all that was scripted, and not actually using her powers as such. D'oh.
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