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Dream Update: Cookie Monster

I looked into doing the 'first sentence of every month' thing, but it was really boring. About half the months ended up with the first entry being a game report, which pretty much all start with the same sentence.

So, instead, I'll describe the last dream I had last night, because it was silly. Apparently, I was over at bunny_hugger's place -- well, actually, I was back in the house where I grew up, but in the dream it was her place -- attempting to wheedle her into helping me out with some project or other.

However, before I could get around to actually asking for help -- while I was still being all fake-nice as an attempt to curry favor -- I stumbled into a box of those oatmeal cream cookie things in her pantry, and started 'borrowing' them. I'd eaten about half the box, slowly and in great detail, hiding behind the edge of a doorway so that she couldn't see me devouring all her food, and *lying* about it the whole time, before I finally woke up.
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