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Yeah, it's over now...

I finished the main campaign for Neverwinter Nights 2, and the farther I got, the worse the performance got, until in the last few battles, the frantic stressful difficulty was in giving ANY orders with a framerate that was pushing 5 seconds per frame at some points. Actually controlling all the party members was obviously out of the question.

But somehow, I managed to finish the final battle with a couple people still alive, and, well, the epilogue was pretty lame. Not to mention that I got a fairly bad ending, with Neeshka dying and Crossroad Keep sinking into ruin again and whatnot.

I'll probably play some 3rd party modules... there were only a couple available last time I checked, but there's bound to be more later on. Nothing really complicated or high level, though, because the performance really tanks when you start getting several dozen spell effects on the screen at once.

Other than that, I've been spending my vacation so far lazing around and basically not worrying about time. I walked to Crossroads for lunch today, saw a movie over the weekend (the Bond movie... it was *okay*), organized my D+D miniatures, played a lot of CoH, watched some Pokemon and Voltron on TV...
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