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Around midnight on Thursday, I was playing CoH and struggling to get the furry boots and gloves for my controller... hindered mostly by periodic power outages every hour or so. Eventually, I finished the mission, after an unusually long 2.5 hour gap (I'd watched a movie sometime in there, after giving up on the internet, but since the whole movie went by without incident I'd gone back on), and remarked,

"Apparently, the little periodic power outages are done for the night. And I can curse myself now because I finished the mission!"

So of course, 10 minutes later, the power went out for good.

It's still out. The power company (2 days later) says that it'll take 'several days' to restore power.

The night that it went out, I decided to just go to sleep because it was kind of late... but I couldn't sleep. I tried all the usual things but nothing worked, so I decided to go out driving in the storm which was still going on. Everything was dark, of course, and there were downed tree branches in most of the roads... and a few were actually blocked by downed trees. The freeways at least didn't have missing stoplights to screw things up, but 405 still had trees fallen over all lanes, in both directions, in various places, with what I imagined had to be very bored and annoyed cops standing guard with thier lights on to make sure no one rammed into them at full speed. I figured the 520 bridge was probably close (correctly, as it turned out) and took I-90 back across the lake heading home, and got splashed by waves from the lake as they washed over the floating bridge...

The next day I was up at the crack of noon, and of course the power was still out. So I decided to go shopping in Renton, since I had Lazar's game to go to and Renton had had power -- was the ONLY place other than seattle proper with power -- at 3am when I was cruising the freeways. It was crowded, and traffic was awful, but I got some shopping done, watched a movie ('Deja Vu') (it was okay), and was somehow still an hour late to Lazar's place. Which made me the first person there. And the only person to actually show up.

So, no game. We talked about the materials, and Lazar came up with a scheme to even out the prices a bit. We played a little MtG... ate some pizza... I got a pie, but we forgot all about it. Around midnight I headed home to find the power STILL out. x.x So I spent another cold night wrapped up in blankets...

Today, my power-outage avoidance strategy is to spend the day at my sister's place -- my mom's in town, and they live in Seattle so they still have power. Sigh. I hope it's back on by tonight, but I'm not all that hopeful.

The sad thing is that the storm wasn't even that bad. Stupid power company.
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