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Fluffy Frithmas?

Yeah, I didn't exactly celebrate Christmas. This might be because... oh, I don't know... I'm not Christian? I'm not really jewish anymore either, so I didn't exactly celebrate Hannukah.

We did have a sort of non-specified family holiday get together, though. Last week. We took little Stevie to see santa, and then we lit the menorah. Then let him open a couple of his presents so that he wouldn't be jealous of the adults who wanted to open them in front of each other instead of separately at home.

Basically, no one in the family really cares about religion, but they want to raise their kid to be Christian because Alex's family cares and Anna's family (aka my family) doesn't. But Mom came over on Hannukah instead for some reason... I think the reason might have been 'Bob wants her home for christmas'.

So, today? I had some frozen tamales, watched a lot of Pokemon Battle Frontier, and played City of Heroes like I have been all weekend. 'City Fox', the new character I made Thursday to try out the blaster primary and secondary I'd never played before, is level 23 now, thanks to my 'not really feeling like playing anyone else' kick. And has all the holiday badges. Including Toy Collector. Man, I'm never doing THAT again. x.x
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