Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

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Dirty Tricks

'Call back in four hours' apparently meant 'call back after our service center is closed'. Oh, they are SO cancelled.

Tomorrow. When they open.

Although, really, I'm just going to go back to dialup, for now, so 'cancelled' might be overstating the case. Still, if I ever get broadband, it's NOT going to be through them.

Oh look, they sent an e-mail asking me to rate their service department. Usually I just delete those...

EDIT: Did I mention? They had me set the modem to 'bridge' mode instead of 'router' mode, meaning I no longer can connect to it at to reconfigure it. Like, say, to put it back in router mode. It's a useless lump now. Somehow, they took 'not working at all' and made things WORSE.
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