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Experiment 5: Failure

After cancelling DSL, I went to best buy because I heard they had some deal on broadband internet where you'd buy the device in the store, and then just go home and set it up, and be done. It turned out that this was 'Clearwire' wireless broadband. But... my god, stickershock. $300 for a wireless modem? That couldn't be right.

"Um... why is this $300?" I asked the sales representative, realizing TOO LATE that it was a clearwire rep and not a best buy rep. "Oh, that's Best Buy's fault, you really don't ever have to pay that. Just sign up for service with us, and lease the modem..."

Etc., etc. It looked like a reasonable deal. Not the fastest service in the world, but cheaper than DSL even. Then I looked at the terms and conditions. OH MY GOD.

'No excessive use of the service' clause, check.
'Don't view, download, or upload porn' clause, check.
'You agree not to sue us for anything at all, ever, and we agree to provide you nothing in particular, in particular we don't promise that you'll actually be able to use the internet' clause, check.

Those were all expected.

'Don't let anyone else use a computer hooked up to our service, or otherwise access the internet through our service' clause.
'If you call us for tech support, we reserve the right to tell you to go fuck yourself, and charge you for the call' clause.
'You can never, ever, cancel the contract, ever, and in addition whatever term you sign up for is automatically renewed in perpetuity' clause.

MY GOD. The salesman gave all sorts of assurances as I pointed out each deal-breaker, but of course Salesmen Always Lie.

So, no, I didn't sign up for Clearwire. Brr.
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