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Everyone is dead, Dave.

Last night we had a session of Lazar's world-of-time (or possibly Torg) themed Shadake game. Everyone who didn't have a name and/or a personality died a horrible death, and it was all my fault. NOT my fault. Sorry.

The tinker caravan seemed likely to continue on with the party all the way to Ebu'dar, although the weather turned nasty and people stopped being anywhere near as social. The wisdom never returned from the gate, and in fact eventaully it stopped 'humming', which was a very bad sign, that suggested she would *never* come back. Fezzik considered going in after her, but while in some sense he did need her to fix things up between him and the Aes Sedai and Ashaman... well, the fact that going through the gate was obviously stupid, and that he had neither the expertise to do it safely or the protection of being a ta'veren won out.

Then, trollocs attacked. Sophia tried to hold them off, but while she was perfectly capable of fighting with one for a while, there were a lot more than one. Like a dozen, just nearby. Fezzik climbed up on top of the wagon and tried firing arrows at them, but... again, too many, and his arrows weren't the most effective things in the world against them either. Hariin took to the air and threw knives, but that was even LESS effective, at first, although eventually he took down one or two, which is more than Fezzik could say.

The most effective thing in the world was Kanwei using illusions to make the trollocs fight each other. He'd make one look like a helpless victim, then make sure another saw the victim and attacked, and then it was on. This ended up taking out most of the trollocs in the vicinity over the course of the fight, although it was a bit slow because he had to do it one by one, sometimes taking multiple rounds to set up one fight.

Unfortunately, the trollocs weren't the real threat. That was the myrdrall, who attacked Sophia and Fezzik casually as it was walking past. Fezzik panicked, and used the one power directly (instead of a stored spell) to try to paralyze the myrdrall... and succeeded, for about two seconds, before it broke free and started chasing him. He put up a giant wall of air behind him as he fled, but while it stopped several slightly singed Trollocs who were also chasing him, the myrdrall just jumped over it without pausing, ran him down, and horribly maimed him by cutting off all his spines.

Meanwhile, Sophia was being overrun by lots and lots of trollocs, as everyone else who'd been fighting them fell or fled, or turned invisible. Just when it looked like all was lost, the Myrdrall screeched, and the entire army of darkspawn turned and left.

Fezzik discovered to his dismay that the wounds left by the Myrdrall couldn't be healed by the one power -- and they were the sort of things that would take years to heal on their own. He managed to at least make it so they weren't causing him constant pain and interefering with everything he did, but he wasn't going to be able to zap anything any time soon.

That wasn't the real problem, though -- apparently, the darkspawn had left before killing *everyone* (they'd only killed about 90% of the caravan) because what they'd really been after was the doorway, which the-feriphal-I-was-calling-Ophala-but-is-really-named-... er... Okami? No... Orleans? No, that's not it either. At any rate, O was sure that it was the 'Gate of Will', and that what it did was allow you to ask for things to happen in the future. And that what he'd asked for were not things he actually wanted to have happen.

OF course, what a *darkfriend* would ask for would be a hundred times worse. The gate had to be retrieved, or destroyed. O would go himself, of course, but he needed someone who could use Balefire to actually destroy it. Raem neither confirmed nor denied that he could use balefire, but it was obvious that he wasn't going to use it. Fezzik, asking about the properties of balefire, started to suspect that this horrible, forbidden weave that was punishable by stilling was maaaybe what his penknife of doom was doing, though.

So of course he tried to replicate it. Unfortunately, the way ter'angreal worked was nothing at all like how he was used to making magic items, and he couldn't make heads or tails of it. Still, darkspawn controlling the future == bad. He couldn't go with O because it was a stealth mission and he didn't do stealth, but he let O borrow his pen knife of doom. With a cuendillar sword left behind as collateral.

F: "This way, we're bound by a mutual interest in getting our things back, instead of having to rely on promises and honor."
O: "You're a very strange person. What could be more valuable than honor?"

So O ran off with, perhaps, Sophia accompanying him [unless Keith can actually make the next session, which seems doubtful due to a scheduling issue at his current temp job], the pen knife of doom, and a bunch of exploding and wall-making arrows that Fezzik bound for him. The rest of the caravan was going to stay in the area to bury thier dead and do all the proper rituals.

The party was continuing on to Ebu'dar, not wanting to bring more doom on the caravan by staying with them. Fezzik and Hariin did meet around the campfire to trade storied about the childhood friends who'd been slaughtered in the attack, though. Only to discover that while they were definately talking about the same people, there was no way in hell they were talking about the same people. As in, Hariin had grown up with a caravan of pacifist Tinkers, while Fezzik had been a member of a band of thieves who at that point hadn't even pretended to be Tinkers, who just happened to be all the same people. They also told each other about how no one seemed to recognize or remember them unless they were actually present. It was all very confusing.

And then Fezzik's warder-link to the Wisdom came back, indicating that she was very, very far away, perhaps on the far side of the Spine of the World, in Aeil lands. This was almost reassuring, but there was really nothing he could do about it immediately.

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Aside from the game, I also watched the first four episodes of Alien 9 on on-demand yesterday. Yeeerg, that series was DARK. I'd heard about it before, but with the rollerskating elementary school kids wearing goofy-looking aliens on their heads, I figured it was some kid's anime like Carcaptor Sakura or something. Instead, it's the horrifying tale of a teacher endangering and abusing her students with what seems like the eventual goal of transforming them into aliens or something. The main character, past about episode 2, was very obviously suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

And no, this isn't the unintentional darkness of say, pokemon == cockfighting. This is metal rebar tentacles, pools and sprays of (green) blood, and a girl sobbing in bed for days, suffering from violent flashbacks, and going insane and murdering dozens of sentient aliens, while the adults refuse to acknowledge anything is wrong.

I think I like it, though. }:)
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