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And these aren't even *new* tricks...

I got some new memory for my computer, on the spur of the moment, with the vague hope it would make city of heroes run better. It wasn't *so* spur of the moment that I didn't check the type and size and speed of the memory I already had, so I've got four 512 MB 3200, 400mhz DRAM thingies now.

As far as I know, they work. The system says I have 2 gigs.

But... I crashed. Now, I'm not crashing constantly, and I've seen that sort of crash in CoH before. It's just the timing that makes me worry.

So I figured I'd run a memory test to make sure the memory was good. Where's the memory test in windows' system utilities? Hello? Anywhere?

Well, eventually I went to the knowledge base and found a pre-release memory tester. I downloaded the installer, and... all it did was write an ISO file that I could burn to make a bootable CD. The other option was to make a boot floppy, but I don't have a floppy drive.

So I inserted one of the blank DVDs I'd bought a while back, and tried various methods to burn the ISO file onto it, but all of them gave back a vague error, 'can't write to this media'. Eventually, I realized that the read/writable DVD drive I'd gotten and never made use of the burning feature actually didn't possess it. It was able to write CDs, though...

So after the meet today (hardly anyone showed up), I went and got some CDs, and burned the ISO onto one of them, then rebooted. Nothing. Rebooted and hit the key to bring up the 'select boot drive' window, and selected the DVD drive. Nope, still booted to windows as normal. Maybe you had to extract the ISO somehow?

How did you do that?

Apparently, this is also not something Windows can do. After a bit of searching I found a shareware ISO utility that claimed to be able to make bootable CDs. The crippleware limitation was on the file size, and the diagnostic ISO just squeaked in under the limit, so I was good. I futzed around with the incomprehensible interface and managed to burn the image to the CD... although there was no indication other than 'type: bootable CD' inside the utility that it was bootable. It looked like it was burning a single 'i386' folder and putting a single file called 'windiag' inside it. The help file for the shareware program was less than helpful. Actually, it was worse than useless -- it just made me more confused.

But anyway, I tried booting to this supposedly bootable CD, and it still didn't work. So I can't run the fucking memory test. So I'll have to sort of guesstimate if I'm seeing extra crashes thanks to the new RAM.

I am SO HATING EVERYTHING TO DO WITH FUCKING COMPUTER SETUP RIGHT NOW! I want to smash something. Every step just leads to more steps, more hassle, and you only ever get further and further away from successfully accomplishing anything. Everything I've done to try to improve the situation with this FUCKING USELESS BROKEN computer leads to the same damn thing. That is, nothing.

I get enough of this at work. I don't need it at home too. I don't pay myself enough to deal with this crap.
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