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Oh, right, new years'.

My resolution for the new year is the same as the old year. 1280x1024. [cue cymbals]

It doesn't matter what I resolve to do -- 'I promised to do this' is as binding to me as I expect the person I'm breaking the promise to to be hurt by the promise being broken. Since I don't care about people breaking their promises...

If I did care, man, then I'd *really* hate people. I don't think anyone ever made a promise to me and kept it. But I probably just erased them from my memory when the transaction was complete, so it's only the ones still 'pending' that I remember. If you can call the person vanishing without a trace without ever showing any hint that they intended to follow through 'still pending', just because they never technically *refused*.

I should lose weight
...get broadband
...update my skills for work
...find a girlfriend
...be more social
...be more athlethic
...spend lots of money
...remember to get presents for relatives on holidays
...write a novel, or at least finish a short story
...program something for fun
...better manage my finances
...move to a new apartment

But I probably won't do any of those things, so it would be dishonest to promise that I was going to.
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