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World of Flyff

Well, okay, not quite. When I thought I had broadband (but really didn't) I got WoW because I'd wanted to try it for a while, but was under the mistaken impression that it needed broadband to work. Once I was in the game, that really wasn't true -- it used the same techniques as EQ2 to smooth out lag, so really it's even better about it than CoH, which tends to more accurately get across when you're sitting there doing nothing because of a 30-second lag spike.

Of course, dowloading the gigabyte of patches would have been easier with broadband... as it was, I, er, borrowed a broadband connection to download them and then put them on a flash drive. It still took a couple hours, because the computer with the broadband connection didn't have a USB2.0 slot, and because the patching mechanism is just godawful slow. (each of those wasted about an hour)

As for the game itself, well... I'm not really that impressed. It reminds me a lot of Flyff. This is probably because Flyff was designed as a copy of it. And it isn't a compliment, although Flyff was much much worse in every possible way, of course. Or maybe 'more blatant about being bad'.

It also reminds me of EQ2 with the overwhelming torrent of quests to do from everyone that you meet. Although without the five minutes of zone loading to get between the quest giver and the quest critters that EQ2 has, and without the pervasive group mobs that EQ2 also has, it's just generally a lot less annoying.

I played an undead warlock (race and class chosen randomly, by dice roll) up to level 7... I'll probably want to find out what and where some people I know are playing before making a serious character. I also expect it to be the kind of game I get really obsessed with for a few months and then burn out on, but who knows?
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