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I think our weave is broken

Last night we had a session of Lazar's Wheel of Time (mostly) themed Shadake game. Much of the session was spent in assorted pocket dimensions.

While travelling, Fezzik experimented with the other ter'angreal, and found that the duck cup destroyed all pure water poured into it, the 11' staff summoned vermin on whatever you hit with it, the graph tape reflected magic (fireball! *boing*), the tattoo-ornament deflected magic once and then turned back into an ornament (*double-boing!* ... phew), the octagonal box stored the one power, the coin sped up your time sense amazingly while being flipped (2 minutes thinking time for a normal flip, up to 20 minutes for really really high one), and the dog statue would probaly do *something* if you pointed it at a living creature, but he didn't want to try that on his friends.

But mostly, they were just travelling, until they noticed that the trees were weird and twisted. Tainted by the dark one? Fezzik tried healing one of the trees to see if it felt tainted like the Myrdraal, but the weave was all wonky and instead he frosted everything within 100 yards. Less destructive than the lightning, at least...

Unfortunately, they kept coming back to that same tree and frost -- they were going in circles. Hariin flew up into the air to get a look at the surroundings, and saw that within the space of a square mile, the road was all twisted up, crossing and recrossing itself, although you could never pin your eyes on an actual intersection per-se. There was no sign of a road coming in, or going out... just endless twisted forest, getting more twisted by the second.

"I can probably fly out of here," he said, "But you guys are stuck." Since direction sense was all wonky too.

Fezzik had an idea, though. He offered to bind Hariin as a warder, since he'd just seen that weave cast a few days before (and had paid attention, wanting to know how to do it) and still had half of it attached to him to study. That would let them know the direction and distance to each other, so if Hariin could escape, the rest of them, could follow.

Somewhat to his surprise, Hariin agreed. Of course, he only knew the female version of the spell, which meant he was binding himself as a female (Aes Sedai) to Hariin as a male warder... which would give Hariin the upper hand, if it ever came to struggling over the use of the one power, which was apparently the only facet of each other that they could mess with, as opposed to 'sense'.

So Hariin flew off, and vanished with a *pop*, just like the Wisdom had when going through the portal. Well, not JUST like... he still had a distance, just no direction. That was enough to lead the others into the forest, constantly moving in whatever direction felt like it was getting him closer. The forest got denser and denser as if to resist them, though, so he was forced to set it on fire.

Well, he was trying to clear a path, but the whole forest -- trees, ground, CLOUDS -- went up like tissue paper. The horses panicked, ran straight ahead, and POP they came, out onto the real road, with the forest around them suddenly on fire. Fezzik put it out with some solid air, and they continued on to... wait a second, was that Ebou Dar up ahead? They'd somehow gained a day's travel?

Of course, they were coming in from the East, which was the bad side of Ebou Dar, so they decided to camp for the night in the woods. Since Raeme was with them, he put up the wall of air to keep out invaders, since he knew how to 'invert the weave' and make it less of a beacon for Ashaman and Myrdraal. Fezzik asked him how he did that, and ended up spending the night practicing his healing spells.

All night. No sleep. On the positive side, Raeme was able to partially heal his spines -- to the point where they'd grow back to full size pretty quickly, fixing that part of the Myrdraal's maiming, at least, although there were also other wounds that refused to heal. Also, flipping the coin *really high* gave him enough time to take a short nap before it came back down...

So, Ebou Dar. Everyone in the city was armed, and duels seemed to be fought constantly, although not intentionally to the death. Although the precautions against death were 'the wisdom would come try to heal you', and not anyone pulling their punches. Fezzik was relatively safe from being challenged, since he was wounded and thus not an honorable opponent, and he put an impression on Hariin so that people would see him as a 'weakling', since he didn't want to feel his friend losing a duel through the link. Hariin wasn't especially happy about that.

They had some cryptic notes that they were supposed to use to track down the cache of ter'angreal. About the clearest thing in them was a map of the block where 'MY TRESE' were located (the courtyard with the trees had no real entrances) and the name of a bar where one of the people searching had sat and ordered some food while waiting for a report that never came. So they went to the bar, which served lemonade. Really really fresh lemonade. Much fresher than made any sense, since the nearest known lemon trees were in Tear, two weeks travel away.

"Oh, this street kid brings us lemons..."

That made some of the other clues make a lot more sense -- the street kid was able to fit through the 'squish space' to get into the courtyard where the trees grew. All they had to do was follow the smell of lemons... well, okay, they couldn't actually do that, in the bad part of town full of the smell of humans and feriphal and nimune and horse crap. (Oh, right -- since Sophia went off with Ontei, apparently Hannah were just a legend that no one really beleived -- the three races were human, Nimune, and Feriphal, although of course the Illiski lived in their steadings and just pretended to be human most of the time)

There were other landmarks, though, and eventually, through a combination of persistance and luck, they found the squish space, which was *maaaybe* large enough for Fezzik to fit through if he cut off his half-regrown spines again.

There was some argument about whether Hariin could carry Kanwei up to the roof, but Fezzik cut off the discussion by casting some spells -- the party was 'unimportant', and there was an invisible staircase of solid air up to the roof.

And then, since Fezzik had just deactivated the cameras and remotely triggered the fire escape, his team of cybernetic criminals prepared to start their run on the secret compound, where an ancient AI was rumored to lurk, guarding rare data of incredible value from the ancient times, when people actually knew how to make computers, and write new programs...

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