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Been sort of obsessed with a PBEM game this week... thank you, Bard... my lead at work probably doesn't thank you... I probably shouldn't give details because it's a SUPER SEKRET PLAYTEST.

Also been playing my share of WoW and CoH, though. I made a mistake and branched out into CoV, and the curse of the high level CoV lag hit full force, leading to me exploding at some SG-mates and logging off in a huff, when after dying three times trying to 'stealth' past the swarms of turrets (note: turrets see through stealth) I failed to do anything useful during the AV fight because my framerate THEN dropped into the low ones.

The consensus at the gathering Sunday was that my Alliance character in WoW (that gets disconnected instantly as soon a I log on) is screwed because the alliance has five times as many players as the horde. So I guess I'll stick with horde?

Then I tried to go back and play more FFXII, only to not-quite-die repeatedly to stupid elementals. I turned off all the gambits that cast spells while running past him (after the first near-wipe-out), but then he followed me (I guess I didn't notice) and aggro'd when I was fighting something else halfway across the map. Ugh. x.x
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