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Snowed Out?

Stupid stupid snow.

It snowed just before I was going to go home from work, and a quick reconnaisance of the traffic revealed it was as horribly awful as the last time it snowed. So I walked home. It took maybe 70 minutes (because it was slippery enough to slow me down) to walk... still about a half hour faster than the last two times I tried to drive with traffic like that ('backed up into the parking garage'). Not to mention that the automobile slalom from last time was actually completely blocked this time, so I would have had to take some other route.

Of course, that means I'll have to walk to work tomorrow morning, when all the sidewalks will be nice and slick with ice, and it'll probably be as horridly cold as it was this morning... it was actually pretty warm walking home from work, at least. BUT day 2 of a snowstorm means people will have stayed home, so I'll probably be able to retrieve my car for the trip home at least.
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