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Born to Run

So, Friday we sort of had a session of Lazar's Shadake game. We didn't get started until fairly late, and I was sort of distracted by my laptop, in the same way I've often not openly complained about other people being distracted by their laptops. And on occasion have openly complained about.

At any rate...

Since the air vent (the 'squish space') was too narrow for them to get through, the runners climbed up the fire escape to the roof, where they found Sophia waiting for them. Apparently, she'd found a stealthed, heavily armed 'helicopter' -- a lost technology, although not unheard of -- and had come to join them, and to report the failure of her mission to destroy the gate. The balefire hadn't been able to scratch it, and then Lucrecia had appeared and taken it away.

That was bad (as Lucrecia was almost certainly a darkfriend... er, a yakuza), but not really relevant to their immediate problem. So Fezzik hacked the lock on the stairwell, and they went in.

Unfortuantely, the stairwell didn't go down to the atrium that the map said was their target. Fezzik tried cutting through the floor (after turning off the smoke detectors) but it was some sort of heat-dissipating reinforced alloy.

So they went around. Hariin put the security guard on duty to sleep... well, he was already asleep, and Hariin made sure he'd stay asleep by sonically inducing that state. They still couldn't find any doors into the center part. And then, disaster!

A little flying robot with a camera approached the group. Fezzik had mucked with the enemy's friend-or-foe database, so that the computers wouldn't register their presence, but apparently this robot was interested in Sophia's sword. Startled, she chopped it in half. THAT set off all the alarms.

Kanwei put his android body on auto-follow and tried to track down the strange babbling presence he'd felt in the net. What he found was something like *part* of an AI, with most of it inaccessible, behind some gateway that seemed not to connect to more of the net. When he tried to hack it, he was counter-hacked, and forced back into his android body (but a copy of him was twinned onto the network, losing contact instead with the android and his real body).

Fezzik had put up smoke to obscure the cameras, so that the sysops tracking them in the net wouldn't be able to see them, but as a side effect it made them very very lost, and they ended up at the front door again, with the sleeping guard. Kanwei took over navigation, then, putting an overlay of the map onto their enhanced vision... but it was too late, security was closing in.

So, there was a firefight in the midst of the mist, and while Fezzik was stunned (after his fireballs burned away enough of the mist to let the enemies dodge, but not enough to let him see them), the rest of the party managed to take down the guards and robots. Unfortunately, there was a whole bunch more guards closing in, and to get to the physical location where the crazy AI had been connected to... something... would mean going all the way around the building, now. But that at least would draw security away.

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