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Woah, I've been putting this off!

Sunday, we had a session of the Eberron campaign, FINALLY. It was mostly random encounters.

Day 1: Wolves. Why did it have to be wolves? Wolves bite.

Day 2: Goblins sighted. Talked out of charging us a toll.

Day 3: Centipedes also bite. In particular, they bite me. Badly poisoned, finding it difficult to move. Cleric also bites, when enraged. Fortunately, Heyyou seems immune to claw-scratches, has good grapple check.

Day 4: Rose Quarry in sight. Still badly poisoned. Apparently is in ruins; was under the impression it was a nice little border town in which to stock up on rations, which are now running low. Oops.

Day 5: Rose Quarry infested with glass zombies -- break outer candy shell, then slice up squishy interior. Longspear and Arrows useless. Cleric mostly useless -- only one turn attempt per day, refuses to fight.

Also infested with Blood of Vol. Source of zombies? Despite cleric's best efforts and now quite predictable rage, managed to take on the two guarding the map without summoning their friends. Last enemy attempted to surrender... party ran to safe distance while enraged cleric killed him.

House Cannith, premier engineering house of Eberron, apparently measures distances in 'paces'. Location of White Hearth deciphered, although all landmarks inside Mournlands are likely destroyed and covered in glass. Perhaps mountain range survived.

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...I spent another wasted hour on WoW tonight trying to find pendant pieces inside the Moonglade, then another not-technically-wasted two hours travelling all over the world to actually find them. WoW's death penalty is really getting on my nerves -- give me xp debt any day over corpse runs.
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