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It's not that I don't like CoH...

...but you really can't run an e-mail program in the background, over dialup, not unless you want to hate life. So, since I *obviously* need to run an e-mail program *continuously* right now, I have no choice but to play world of warcraft.

Also, it's shiny and new.

I got my druid up to level 18, then went back to my hunter for a little variety. When he got to 10th and got a pet, I was suddenly struck by how unreasonably fast he killed everything.

The pet was, literally, the first creature I saw after walking out of Ogrimarr with my 'tame beast' spell -- a 10th level venomtail scorpion, which I named 'Snappy'. I bought a second stable slot and tried taming a few other critters, but most of them kind of suck -- it turns out Hunter pets transform into completely new kinds of beasts when you tame them, so just because the deviant turtle has a power that makes you miss half the time doesn't mean that the hunter version of the pet will.

The scorpion, on the other hand, kicks serious tail.

The hunter's also an engineer, and engineering is... kind of weird. The bombs are useful, and have saved my life more than once, although I end up selling 90% of them. The goggles are the only headpiece I've ever had on any character, and are pretty nice. The decoy thing isn't very useful... it doesn't taunt very strongly. And the scopes are just about perfect for a hunter, who's all about ranged damage. The 'weird' part is how quickly my engineering skill's gone up -- there's usually some widget or other that doesn't take much material and gives plenty of skill points.

Aitani (that's his randomly-generated name) is also pretty rich, thanks to selling silver at auction for half a gold per bar, which seems to be the going rate. And getting lucky enough to find silver veins here and there. Sure, I could use it to make better bombs instead... but I'd rather have the cash, really.

Also, yay, new Battlestar Galactica! Pity most everything else on TV is repeats or not really stuff I want to watch.
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